Gorgeous Navel Piercing

By Nora, from Gainesville.

About two years ago, when I was about 10 I saw a girl with a gorgoues bedazzled navel. Instantly, i knew it was for me. I was gonna ask, but i knew my mom would NEVER let me get one. Now, I’m almost 13 and last september i asked. My mom just laughed at me! xD.

So, i tried a different approach.i wrote a seven page essay of research. My parens said no, 14. So i waited 2 months and could NOT stand it. I wrote another. I called my grandma and she said that I should! So i wrote another, this time 10 page. Finally my mom said YES :DD i was so happyy :DD She said she will take me on saturaday to Tan-Tastic Inc! I was so excited 😀

That saturday I went.Sharon was iffy about piercing a 12 year old,so she had me read the aftercare sheet to make sure i was positive. I had already read all of it. She even quized me! I got all of the questions right! Finally Sharon told me to pick out a barbell. I picked a pretty turquoise double gem barbell!!

She took me to te back room, but only my mom was allowed in, my two best friends, Paulina and Mara, watched from the doorbell. At this point I still wasn’t nervous. She cleaned it, marked it and I sat down. She then autoclaved the clamp and open the one time use needle and laid me down. i then felt the clamp, it didn’t hurt! then she moved it a couple times then grabbed the needle.

I closed my eyes as she told me to breath in, than back out. I felt pressure, and then i heard “DONE!” I didnt even relize it. She showed me the mirror and gave me a hersheys kiss to calm my nerves.

After, she told me to sit down for alittle to make sure i wasn’t dizzy or faint. Mara told me once i stood up my face was completely white! I was so happy, as i loked it the full body mirro and saw my shiny little belly! It was all about $55 dollars total, which i payed for. It was so worth it! I’m so happy, its been about 3 days and its been great! It’s alittle itchy, and not even sore! :DD

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