~good girls can get it too!~

by Gabby

(toledo ohio.USA)

me on the day it was pierced!

me on the day it was pierced!

ever since i was 16 i wanted a belly button piercing, but my mom wouldnt let me. plus, ive always tried to fit this good girl image,because thats what everyone sees me as. and good girls dont get their stomach pierced, right?


A week after i turned 18 me and my cousin went to the piercing shop to get pierced up! he got his industrial,and ofcourse i got my belly button! At first i was really really scared.

the piercer told me to lift my shirt,then he cleaned and disinfected the area with this brown liquid.then he marked the area that he would pierce with a pen. next, he had me lay on the table.I was so frantic! but when he was piercing me,i didnt even notice.it was that painless!

the worse part was putting the jewelry in.that did hurt a bit. but now its been pierced for a week,and so far im free of infections!i clean it everyday with “dial antibacterial handsoap”.i love my piercing! its made my stomach my favorite body part.lol.the only downside is that i cant sleep on my stomach anymore,becuz its still tender.

I’m really anxious to change my ring, but i wont becuz i dont want to risk getting an infection. but i cant wait til i can! I ordered like 16 belly button jewels from Body Candy.com!(seriously.im not over-exaggerating either) and a lot of the jewelry was only 99 cents!can u believe it?

but i cant wait til a couple more weeks so i can finally change into a new ring.(OH YEA,AND CAN SOMEONE GIVE ME SOME TIPS ON TAKING MY STARTER RING OUT??) and im excited about getting my bellybutton jewelry in the mail!

And even though i have this piercing,i am still the same person.Im still a good girl. just more confident.


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  1. I have the same issue with my parents! What did yours say when they found out?? I’m getting mine tmrw cause I turned 18 last week! 😀 I’m scared!

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