14k Gold Belly Rings.

14k Gold Belly Ring | What To Avoid Buying Gold Belly Jewelry

gold belly rings

Many people prefer gold to other metals when it comes to wearing jewelry. Since ancient times gold has been considered a symbol of wealth and prestige and these traditions are still alive today. Gold is a beautiful metal.

As you probably know, there are a few kinds of gold that you can choose from when looking for a gold navel jewelry.

Your Most Common Choices When Going Gold:

Classic yellow gold,

White gold – it looks like platinum.

You can get different karat gold – karat simply means one part of 24. The karat number indicates how many parts of 24 consist of gold – the bigger the number, the purer the gold.

If you want to find out more about different carat gold, read about 14k gold belly rings and 9k and 18k, too.

To find out what to avoid when buying gold belly jewelry, follow this link.

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