Nickel free gold belly jewelry is best for your body

Are you about getting pierced and thinking of getting a gold belly jewelry? You should read this first

Gold belly jewelry is, no doubt, high quality body jewelry. Anyway – no matter how high quality it is, it is an alloy. It means that gold as it is used to make body jewelry is made of pure gold and base metals. The reason for this is quite simple – gold in its pure form is too soft for jewelry.

Other metals added to gold determine what color the gold will be. You can find different gold tones – the most popular is yellow, followed by white, pink, green, rose and even blue!

So why you shouldn’t use gold belly jewelry as your initial navel ring? While your piercing heals, it secrets fluids. These fluids cause corrosion of other metals in the gold alloy. As a consequence, your fresh piercing may become irritated and you can get an infection.

Solid 14KT White Gold Aqua INTERCHANGEABLE Cubic Zirconia Belly Ring
A great example of a nickel free white gold belly jewelry…

Of course, you don’t want your new piercing’s healing process to be hampered. You’re better off getting a belly button ring made from a material which is safe for insertion into a wound, what your fresh piercing is, in fact.

Metal used in alloying gold that causes allergic reactions on most occasions is nickel – here I’m talking about white gold, because nickel is used by some manufacturers to make gold white. High quality white gold alloys use palladium, therefore making gold a bit more expensive.

I recommend nickel free belly jewelry if you want to buy a white gold belly button ring, and you’re better off choosing bioplast, stainless steel or titanium belly jewelry if you want it for your first time navel piercing. Why?

Because gold is an alloy no matter how high quality it is and you’ll try great looking gold body jewelry when your piercing is well healed.

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