Going behind my dads back!

By Celeste from Ontario.
One day i diecided that i wanted to get my belly button pierced, at first i thought my mom would never ever ever in a millon years let me get my belly ring done, but instead i asked her and she was like “Sure.” i was so shocked that she had said yes that i had started to tell her why i should be able to get it done before i noticed she had said yes. I started looking up pictures of belly button rings and studios to have it pireced at, one day my dad had caught me looking at places to have it done and said that i was absolutly not getting my belly button pierced.

I talked to my mom about it and she said that we would get it done without him knowing. Oh by the way I’m 14. I eventualy found this place called Lucky Devil, it was the only place close to me that talked about how clean the place was, I showed my mom the website and she agreed that it looked like a good place.

That friday my sister, my boyfriend and I went to go get it done, i had watched a lot of videos on youtube about people gettig thiers done so i knew what was going to happen but i still got very nerous waiting to get it piecred. when the piercer called me back into the room i was so close to chikening out that my sister had to pull me a little into the room. it actually wasnt as bas as i thought it would be he told me exactly what he was going to do and showed me exactly what he was going to use as well.

He ended up piercing me with a captive bead ring and i have to say im really glad he did it was so easy to clean. ive had mne now for 4 months and i have already changed it to a barbell and im looking forward to swimming soon. overall im glad i went behind my dads back on this, having my belly button pierced is so cool.

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