Gateway to my addiction.

By Sabrina.

For piercings that is!

It all started around january of 09,i had been getting crappy grades and my mom was trying to find a way to make me do better in school and so how? a piercing. I had always wanted one and when i was 12, my sister (14 at the time) got her navel pierced. I was EXTREMELY jealous! and since then, was determined to get one when i was fourteen too. In march, i decided instead of a monroe, i was going to get it. At first my mom was hesitant, because at my age my sister never followed aftercare correctly and hers ended up rejecting after two months, but she said yes. I was so excited i actually started paying attention in class and actually studying for tests! and at the end of may my report card came in with exactly what i was hoping for; no ds or fs. I wanted to go as soon as possible and couldnt beleive it was really going to happen!

But all my excitement came to a halt when i couldnt find my birth certificate 🙁 out of me my brother and my sister, she lost mine. Instead of oing to get pierced we had to go downtown to get my birthcertificate which was very uneventful after. I waited and waited and two weeks later, me and my older sister bugged my mom enough to have her take us and she said “Fine! but i hope it hurts” and i was so happy!

Me and my sister had called this shop called Majestik.On the phone they told us $25 including
jewelry, so we thought cool. When we got there they said for me and my sister it would both be 65$ plus jewelry.They were rude and overpriced so we left.The way out there was this other shop so we decided to look in there. The guy said no they couldnt do it because they thought i was like a
goddamn 12 year old! and that my mom could be a cool aunt even though we had a birth certificate and my school id and my mom had her id and we had the same last name, they still said no its up to the piercer.So we went
outside to talk to the piercer who was on a smoke break. He said “yeah normally we do them on 16 year olds because they were considered “sexua!l” what
the? i only want one like most 14 year olds do!
so we went to this other place.Still no.we went to about 5 shops. then my mom was getting pretty angry because we had wasted all her gas and my 6month old nephew was with us, so my sister went to this shop called 4FORTY4. She told me before when we were leaving Majestik that she could get hers done their but i couldn’t because they only do 16 andup, but decided to check while my mom made me got get her and my nephew an ice cream at dairy queen because i had given up hope that i was getting one today.

My sister comes back shortly and said “yeah they’ll do it for both of us and its 25 each including jewelry” AT LAST! i thought. so now we had to go find a parking spot that was 3 blocks from the shop and it was about 106 degrees out and we had my sisters baby with us. When we got to the door this lady was talking to one of the tattoo artists and my mom immediately was like “i swear i know you from somewhere” anyways, they had worked together. When i
got in the plce it looked semi-boring but had a nice display of jewelry and they had these eyelets with star cutouts in them which i have been wanting badly since i first saw them on so me and my sister decided to sit down and look at portfolios when the piercer came out,he said “i normally wouldn’t do 14 year olds so don’t tell your friendsbecause i don’t want to have to pierce a bunch of 14 year olds navels” and i said “haha good thing that none of my friends want one”, and took a look at me and my sisters navels.My sisters old one had left her with scar tissue, but he said he could pierce it higher up so he wouldn’t touch it. And mine was perfect for piercing.
So we wait about 10 minutes
and sign all the papers and by then i was nervous and the adrenalin started coming and i knew i couldn’t back out so when he called us back he asked who wants to go first, i immediately said i would so i wouldn’t back out.
He then went through aftercare.So he first went to wash his hands and put on gloves then!
off my navel with blue looking-ish gel cleaner and then marked where my new hole would be. I took one look in the mirror and
declared the mark perfect and told me to pick out a color and i picked aqua. he then got out the needles and aqua jewelry and told me to lay down.
Laying there i was wondering if he was going to put clamps on me and from reading many stories, i heard they stung quite a bit. So, after laying there for a few seconds he then said he was not going to pierce me yet he was
going to make sure everything was aligned and no surprises and then told me to take a deep breath in and then out slowly.
Right before he was about to pierce me i decided to look at the ceiling to take my mind off of it and relax then he told me to take a deep breath and as i breathed out i felt the needle, it felt like a sting and as soon as i breathed out i
couldn’t feel it at all.
I didn’t even feel him put
the jewelry in and within seconds he told me to get up when i was ready. I quickly got up without feeling lighheaded or dizzy (probably because when
i had to get my mom ice cream i decided to get myself one)and went to the mirror to admire my new piercing. My sister was next she was nervous and
asked “does it hurt, im scared” she had already gotten it before and all i could say is “whitney, you went through birth! it wont hurt that bad” and then she decided she was ready and picked out a black jeweled bar and got
hers done then went out to the waiting area to show our mom and paid and tipped him $10 for the both of us and said our thank yous and was on our way.I couldn’t even feel it at all!
I was so overjoyed because i had wanted it for so long and had finally gotten it.When we got home i did a salt soak
for 30 minutes and used one of those Pyrex dishes and laid down on my bed and chilled. After that i wanted to paint
my nails and had felt a burning feeling in my stomach and had remembered my piercing and had lifted my shirt and noticed there was a little bit of blood so i cleaned it with a little soap an!
d went t
o try and get some
sleep. Next morning i woke up and it was sore and so i went to clean it and had to go babysit my nephew which when i picked him up he kept rubbing up against it with his leg and it felt like someone had taken a torch to my belly button,but its doing fine.I am absolutely in love with my
new piercing and definitely recommend 4FORTY4 to people 16 and older even though i am 14 they only do other piercings on 16 year olds they have two locations but i went to the one on 4th ave where they only have zack as the
piercer and he is really good at freehanding piercings!
If your iffy about getting it done i would totally do it its worth it!
its been a year exactly as of today! and i couldnt be happier with it. This piercing definetly did start my love of piercings, as of today i have double monroes(also known as angel bites,angel kisses) my septum, my nostril, my tongue, 1/2″ gauges, and my pretty navel 🙂

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