by Nin

About 8 months ago i got my belly pierced and i will never forget that day! i was so excited to hurry up and get there and get it done… but the second i walked in to the tattoo shop i losed all my confidence and my excitement turned to panic as i sat and waited my turn. finally they called my name and i went into the back and meet a nice guy named Joe who did the piercing. they went through the whole measuring and marking then sat me down and said take a deep breath… i asked will you count 1.2.3 and before i could finish he stuck the needle in and i let out a gasp! and it was all over. for anyone out there scared to get a belly ring it felt like a slight bee sting then it trailed away and it was just sore for like a week.. it was no big thing don’t worry. OH.. and don’t forget to eat something sugary before you go or your body will go into shock and you will pass out… trust me i learned the hard way! 🙂

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