From happy to sad…

By Keara, from Inkster.

I have wanted to get my belly pierced so bad because like all my friends had them and all they friends had them, like i was 17 and kids younger then me had got theirs done and my parents were still saying no.

The place i went to go get my piercing was a trade center place, my mom and dad had been their plenty of times to get like tattoos and stuff like like that and my mom said it was a good place.

So i went like on a friday to get my belly pierced and the men that did it was nice , he like talked to me the whole way through and i did not feel a thing and i was really scared to get it done cause people did tell me that it would hurt and i am not a pain tolerate person at all.

But when it was done i looked at the navel ring it looked way different from how my friends navel rings because it looks like a hoop. i was kind of mad/happy because it look like it was goin to be a problem but then it was different and i like to be different.

they then told me to use dial soap because it good to use an to clean it twice a day and the ring so it would get stuck or something like that. i went home and i did the thing he told me do every day and it started to heal but the thing is the hoop navel ring was kind of getting pushed to one side and the side it was not pushed on was healing and the other side wasnt and it made my bell ring look stupid and that mad me so mad…….

I just wanted to take it out so bad but i couldn’t because i finally got my parents to let me get it. my navel ring also started to turn black and that also made me mad and i actually cried because i was so mad. so my navel ring is healing kind of funny and at the end i hope it comes out right because i really am happy to have it done.

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