Taking the Tummy From Flirtacious to Dangerous

Belly button piercing in underwear

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The belly button is often seen as a somewhat exciting spot on the human body, possibly because you don’t see them hanging out every time you walk into your average place of business or maybe they’re just fun to look at or play with. Whatever the case, one thing’s for sure: the stomach can be a very enticing area and finding the perfect belly ring to suit your look and/or outfit can take your stomach from cute and fun to poke to dangerously attractive and irresistible!

One great example of this is the girl pictured here. While her suggestive bedroom attire looks pretty on her and her ring, bracelet, and manicured nails make her seem well-groomed and classy, it’s her tattoo and belly piercing that really pull the look together and finally suggest that she might also have a wild-yet-elegant side to her as well.

In particular, the swooping lines and cuts in both her top and her belly ring complement and coordinate well with one another and the shorter length of the piercing, as opposed to one that dangles, provides a wide open area beneath it – an ideal match for the nearby tattoo, keeping her mid section from becoming too cluttered.

For those of you interested in achieving this sort of look or simply finding the belly ring that looks best on you, take a few things into consideration:

  • What style or colors will you be wearing with the belly ring?
  • What look are you going for?
  • How much open space do you have near your belly button?

The last of these or even all of these may sound a bit strange but think of your body as a work of art! 😉
The best works of art are done when the canvas is well utilized, the subject matter is placed well on it, and the styles and colors involved flow from one into another easily or coordinate with one another.

Artists typically think about and choose these qualities for their art prior to creating it and sometimes even make adjustments afterward when things don’t turn out as planned or they have a change of heart or new idea about what they want to convey or how they want to execute it. You can do just that with your body ❗

The best way is too take a look at what jewelry is on the market, consider what suites your wants and needs best while browsing, and maybe try a few different styles out to be sure you get one you can really call your own as well as allow for a change of heart, mind, or style from day to day!In fact, we’ll even get you started with this.

We’d love to hear the story behind your belly piercing and if you tell us about it here – we’ll even send you a free belly ring in the mail!

You can also browse through our wide selection of belly rings here to find your perfect look!

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