Four Attempts – One Success

Four attempts to pierce belly button

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Hey, my name is Alisha… Ever since I was 12 I’ve wanted a belly ring… One day at my moms, I took an earring and figured if I can pierce my ears with them, I can pierce my belly…

So I tried for hours trying to poke a dull earring through my belly button! It finally worked … A tiny little hole poked through my skin with a dull earring in it 😆

I went to school the next day showing it off like it was something cute. A few nights later I went out to a party with a friend & I was sitting in the backseat with my bf…

I have no clue what we were doing… But the next day we woke up in my friends bed & the earring totally ripped out of my skin 😯

So I let it heal for a while & 2 months later I took a hammer & a nail to my belly. I ended up smashing my finger & cutting/bruising the top of my stomach. So then a few years later I ended up at my dad’s house & poked another erring through my belly until it fell out…

So I thought – I’m obviously doing something wrong, so I’ll go get a friend to do it… My home girl said yes – so we took a safety pin shoved it through my belly & but a large earring in…

That didn’t last long … it ripped & bled for days 🙁

So one day I went to a friend’s house & she had the set & rings for it – so I had her do it & ever since my belly has been pierced!

* * *

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