for real?!

by Erinn

(got it done in Gatlinburg, TN but live in TX)

Okay, so, im 14 and i just got mine done about a week ago. I had always looked at belly button rings in the stores and always found ones I wanted to get, I would of course show my mom and dad and they would just give me “The look” and we would leave the store.

That went one for a few years. My paretns got a divorce and be froe the divorce my parents always told me, if you pay for it, you can get it done. I never had money at the time so I never got it done.

After the divorce, my parents got remarried and my stepdad was totally against it, so my mom then told me I couldn’t get it done anymore. I never really talked to my dad about it.

Summer ’08, my dad, me, my sisters, and my stepmom all went on vacation to Tennessee (I’m actually on my way home now) and every store I went into I looked at belly button rings just to look.

My dad caught me stairin at one the most, I told him that I LOVED that ring and he gave me “the look” once more, so I just blew it off. Later that day, when we were still shopping, my dad told me I could have my belly button pierced! I didn’t really believe him at first.

He said, all you have to do is pay for it. I had money, since I had a job, and come to find out, my dad baught the ring without me knowing and I got it done!

It hurt, but it was well worth it! I love my new piercing!

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  1. got myn done on ma 12 birthdaii hwad it done 4like 2 months noww
    it healin can take owt at chrismas and put in a new one!

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