Flashing belly rings

Stick a flashing party navel ring in your belly button and party away!

There are great accessories to get a hold of if you like partying – flashing belly rings. To be more precise – they can be both flashing and glowing.

These days different kinds of glowing things have become extremely popular – glowing sticks, necklaces, bracelets, design elements and full range of kinds products. Glowing body jewelry is not an exception – and the ones that glow will have glowing UV sticks attached and will start glowing when activated.

Other flashing belly rings come with batteries built into the bottom ball of the piercing and a small blinking light.

GLOW STICK TRIO Chain Dangle Belly Ring

UV sticks are removable and once you’ve used them you can insert new ones. There are special rubber rings called “O – rings” to fasten the UV sticks so that they won’t fall out.

You can buy the O – rings along with the additional UV glow-sticks separately – you can see them on the top of the right bar of this page.

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