First Belly Button Piercing Story

This belly button piercing story was submitted by Ashley from Trumbull, Connecticut ❗

First belly button piercing

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I was at this piecing shop with my bff, she was getting her belly button pierced.

So she asked me would I get one with her so I sad – “Yeah!” – but not realizing that this would be her second piercing.

She said it wouldn’t hurt.

It came down to me getting my piercing, she lied when he asked me did I work – I said “Yeah!” – like it wasn’t going to hurt, the man said that it might hurt more.

I bagged away so fast that my bff almost caught me in her arms – she said: “Just close your eyes…” so I did so.

When I opened them I saw him putting it in. It hurt so bad ‘cause my stomach muscles are so tight.

But it came out cute in the end! 😉

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