Finally Got It!!!

By Elaine, from Summerville, U.S.

So for like two years now I have been wanting a belly ring.

In 8 th grade I wanted a belly ring and to get my ears pierced again. My mom took me to get my ears pierced. But she said no to the belly ring. So I let it go in 9th grade I really stared to want one be cuz we moved to South Carolina and alot of girls have them. But I told my self I was going to put it off be cuz I wanted to get into shape.

So once again I put it off. So in the summer of 09 I was going to asking again but I had gained a little weight cuz of the good summer cooking. So around X – mas I wrote on my list that I had wanted a belly ring. So when x -mas came around I still didn’t get it. So I tried for my birthday. My birthday is the day right after x -mas. But my mom still said no.

So I found this website. I looked up alot of information. Like healing time, places to go, jewlery, price, ect. Sent it to my parents. They looked at it and still said no. So I went back to this website
and started to read some stories. One stoy the girl sent alot of videos of people getting pierced with the title of each one saying “I refuse to give up.” So I did the same and a little more. I sent the videos and pics of people that had alot of piercings. And under those pictures I wrote ” I dont want this much i just want a belly ring,” still my parents said no.

So I was really sad. A few days later my auntie called me and Told me that she would take me. So I sent the weekend over her house and the next day she took me to get pierced. The place was VERY CLEAN. It didn’t cost that much. I got pierced with a Bioplast, cuz I didn’t want an infection. And that night my auntie told my mom what she let me do.

And she told my mom to stop acting like she never wanted anything like that. She sent me home with a picture of my mom. She had 16 piercings on her face and mouth!!


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