Finally :)

By Gabi, from Waycross.

When I was in fourth grade, I saw a a girl in my class with her bellybutton pierced, after that moment I knew I was getting one. At that point I was so young and I hadn’t even had my ears pierced, so I knew it wouldn’t be anytime soon.

By the time I was in sixth grade I wanted it sooooo bad and so did my friends, we all decided to try to pierce it ourselves and I couldn’t get it all the way through, so it didn’t work. I got a fake one but it just wasn’t the same, so I kept begging my parents and they kept saying no. I just wanted it so bad.

But when I was sixteen, I asked my mom and she finally said if I researched enough and could tell her enough facts about it she would consider it. I was soooooooooooo excited!!!!! Ha, but she also said I had to convince daddy :S. But I thought I could handle it.

So I finally did all of that and both my parents agreed, and we went to get it. At first I was really nervous and I could tell my mom was to. But there was NO turning back. Ha . I went back into th back where the guy to pierce me was. He looked at me and told me to sit in the chair and lean back. I was shaking soo bad. He cleaned it and I look away and when I looked back he had already did it.

Ha, I was like what just happened. Ha, but it was over and I looked at it and I hated it. I felt like the gut pierced wat to much skin way to high, and I was so pissed off. But I think it was actually just the bellybutton ring, it was the circle kind and those are ugly to me. Now I love it and I have a better one in. But I think anyone who is thinking about getting one think it through definalty not try to do it on your own.

If your parents say no don’t do it behind their backs. But if they let you, DO IT! Ha. Sorry the quality on the picture is so bad!

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  1. Holy shit a chick in your FOURTH GRADE CLASS had her belly button pierced?? 4th graders are 9, 10 at the oldest! Please tell me she was dumb and held back a lot of years because parents have to consent to piercings (if done professionally) but the absolute youngest is 12. It differs from state to state but a child being pierced anywhere besides the ears younger than 12 is considered child abuse and definitely illegal. Holy hell…

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