Facing a needle but totally worth it!

By Saannah fom New Zeland.
On August the 17th I got my Belly Button pierced for my 16th Birthday! I went to Trendez in Riccarton Mall in Christchurch and the ladies were really lovely there.

I was really nervous but my friend woudn’t let me back out, when I asked her why she wanted me to get it done so badly she said ‘So I can laugh at you’.
Not exactly the encouragement I needed but I had my mother there too and she had hers done about 6years ago but at a different place.
I walked into the shop and picked out my nice bellybar which is Peridot the August birthstone,
we filled in some paperwork and I followed a lady called Lee into a little hygenic room.
she put on a pair of rubber gloves and I saw her open a brand new needle out of its individual packet. she got me to stand on a box while she cleaned my belly button and then marked where the piercing was going to be. When we were all satisfied with the marking she got me to lay down on a bed as she wrapped a rubber band around the clamp.
My mum held my hand and felt a tiny pinch as the clamp went on, the piercer then told me to take a deep breath in and I felt the needle go very quickly through my skin and it felt like an injection to me.
Then she put my pretty belly bar in and told me I can get up when I was ready.
When I got up she cleaned the piercing and the blood away but she put a plaster over it because it was bleeding a little.
When we left the piercers me and my friend went to mcdonalds, when we were there I needed to sit down as I felt very light headed, I lost my hearing and sight went blurry and I almost fainted! but that is what normally happens to me when I do get an injection.
I have no regrets getting it done and I absolutely love it! I recommend it to anyone who wants to get it done!
It is perfectly fine 🙂

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