Evie’s Belly Bar Story

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Belly piercing Story

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Well, I had been begging and begging my mum for ages to allow and come with me to have my belly done.

So one day I went into town with her and she asked why I had taken so much money. And I said “Well, I want to have my belly done. Remember?” So she uhhmed and ahhred all round town when she finally said “Right, if you want it done so much you can! I’m fed up of you going on and on!”

I was so excited ❗

But when I sat in the chair I was so nervous so I had a squishy ball to squeeze when the piercer froze it and put the needle threw a little screech came out 😡

Once she had put the bar through she cleaned the blood away etc.

Now I just can’t wait to change it! I’m over the moon and have now given my mums ears a rest 😉

* * *

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