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January 10, 2008
Belly button rings author

Happy New 2008 Year! Although it’s been 10 days already since the arrival of the New Year I haven’t greeted you yet so here you go – all the best in the New Year and may it be the best in your life so far!

First of all – thanks again to everyone who have submitted the belly piercing stories!

Recently I enabled a new feature on my website and you can upload your belly piercing pictures right on the Belly Button Rings Guide along with your piercing stories. You can do it here.

And here are the latest belly piercing stories – and now you can comment them as well!!!

Unusuall But Wouldn’t Change It

Painless Navel Piercing


That’s it?

Self Navel Piercing

Impulsive and Happy

And there’s another new piercing story page on my website – navel infection stories – and you can submit them here.
And this is the new infection story:

Dream to have a Navel Piercing Over…

And once again – I really would like to see more and more stories coming in – if you have something to tell or some of your friends – take some 10 minutes of your time and drop in your unique piercing story for everyone to see!

And here’s something new on my website as well:

Custom Belly Rings

Adjustable Bioplast Belly Rings

Check out the new belly ring styles – customize your own belly rings and if you’re only planning to get one or some of your friends are thinking about it – bioplast belly rings are definitely the best way to go!

So, this is it for now, if you have any questions or comments – you can reply on this e-mail or drop your message here.

Thank your for visiting my website!

Until next month,

Roberts Kukurs

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