The Summer Issue #005

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June 14, 2007
Hi everyone in this great first month of Summer 2007!

Welcome to the issue #005 of Especially For Your Belly Button – your online magazine from Belly Button Rings Guide!

Another month has passed and I’m amazed of how great you folks are – there are four belly piercing stories from you featured on my website already!

And thanks for your kind words about how you like the website and how helpful it has been – it gives me additional span to keep updating it and I really love replying on your e-mails and reading your experiences.

But the best thing is that – I hope you’ll agree –

the Summer has come!

And where would be a greater place to be than the beach? I have opened my beaching season as well and you can have a glimpse how my wife’s belly button looks at the Coral Beach in Galway here:

Beach Belly Ring

And here you can read all the piercing stories featured on the Belly Button Rings Guide:

Belly Piercing Stories

I really can’t thank you – Emily, Gina, Dylann and Ayshe – enough about them!

I hope some of you will drop in some stories during the next month as well and if you have any friends that have belly piercing done – let them know that they can submit a story about how they got it along with pictures. The story will be on the website straight away – the girls know how quick I am:-)

During the last month my favorite body jewelry online store – Body Candy
– have added to their assortment and this time I will show you two styles of their new navel stuff –

Bali Belly Button Rings:

925 Sterling Silver Synthetic Green Blue OPAL SWIRL Belly Ring
925 Sterling Silver Swivel TOP DROP Pink DRAGON Belly Ring

925 Sterling Silver TOP DROP Turquoise SEDUCTION Belly Ring

and Baby Phat Belly Button Rings:

BABY PHAT Gold Tone Crystal OVAL CAT DROP Belly Ring

BABY PHAT Silver Tone CRYSTAL STAR Cat Drop Belly Ring

And as the summer is here and you will want to look especially good I have found a great online beauty products shop –

If you spend over $60 you’ll qualify for free shipping and they have 90 days money back guarantee as well. Free samples, free refills and whole lot more – check out!

SpaLook Free Shipping with codeFSForU2Day

Great websites

Bmezine’s Blog is frequently updated blog and you’ll find there everything that has to do with piercing and body modification. Some crazy stuff is here as well – but not too extreme:-)

Mg-Jewelry is an online store and also one of my linking partners and they have plenty of different gold and silver chains and other jewelry.

Discount Sunglasses – I’m sure this is what we can’t do without in summertime, can we? I will have to get a hold of a pair as well – the Sun can really annoy you especially while you’re driving…

Thanx a million again – I really, really hope you will enjoy this summer!

I will get in touch with you in a month’s time again but sure if you have anything to ask me or share something with me and other belly piercing lovers – send me an e-mail or leave a comment on the website!

Until next month,

Roberts Kukurs

2006 – 2007 Belly Button Rings Guide

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