Especially For Your Belly Button, Issue #004

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May 03, 2007
My dear belly piercing lover!

Welcome to the issue #004 of Especially For Your Belly Button – your online magazine from Belly Button Rings Guide!

It’s been less than month since you got the last issue of this eZine. I hope you’re doing well and are ready to spend the next few minutes reading the ONLY (as far as I know:-) Belly Button Rings online magazine!

I must tell you that I’m really glad you’ve visited my website and subscribed for this ezine! In fact – I should say OUR website, why not? And to make it really OURS I have come up with the following idea:

Submit your piercing story along with some photos and share your belly ring shopping experience with others!

If you have a belly piercing there sure is something unique about it. And I believe by sharing your experiences you will get something in turn – you’ll be able to read the stories of others, see what belly rings they’ve bought and where they’ve gotten them and get new friends as well!

You can be the first one to do it!

For the time being I offer this opportunity only for you, my dear eZine reader. When the website grows and more and more people take part in it I’ll set up a web interface to make it easy for everyone to create their pages. But it takes some time and effort and as I’m a bit lazy…so I kindly offer you to e-mail me your piercing and shopping stories. I hope it’s not too inconvenient:-)

So – let’s get to the details.

Write about how you decided to get pierced, where you got your belly button pierced and who went with you. Let others know if the piercer was nice and what aftercare advice you got and if it helped.

Maybe you have some tips and tricks on how to take care of a fresh piercing? Additionally, mention where you shop for your belly rings and what good and bad experiences you’ve had.

And of course, you’re more than welcome to attach a picture or a few of your belly button with a belly ring in it. You might even have a belly piercing video taken when you got pierced! If you have it placed it on some other online video site like YouTube you can the link to it and we’ll place it on your page in the Belly Button Rings Guide.

Or you can send the video to me as well and I’ll upload it to the website and publish on your page.

We also can link from your page to any other of your webplaces like MySpace or Bebo or your website or blog and so on and on to make your circle of friends bigger – visitors coming into the Belly Button Rings Guide will visit you as well!

I truly hope this idea is good and together we will create the best place online to chat, find info, view pictures and shop for belly button rings! So – if you have some spare time – write your story and e-mail me by replying on this e-mail.

P.S. I would be grateful if you could forward this offer to some of your friends who have belly piercings as well!

Site updates

Flashing Belly Rings

If you’re a party type of a person – flashing belly rings are a must for you. And not only – whenever you feel funny and want to mess around a bit – insert a flashing or a glowing belly ring!

3-D Belly Button Rings

3-D Belly Rings is my latest discovery. There’s a whole range of belly piercings called “3 – D” and they’re called so because the dangles and endings are geometrical shapes – three dimensional cubes, spheres, triangles and drop-like objects.

Articles online

Why do some people have innies while others have outies?

Other side of navel piercing

13 Year Old Gets Belly Ring

Belly piercing videos

Navel piercing by Orgazmic, Central Coast Australia

Girl gets a navel piercing

Ali gettin’ pierced

The Latest Belly Ring Styles

Peridot Green Gem SMILEY FACE Logo FLOWER Belly Ring
Ruby Red Gem CHERRY Logo FLOWER Belly Ring Ruby Red Gem DEVIL Logo FLOWER Belly Ring
Solar Blue Gem STAR Logo FLOWER Belly Ring
Pink Cubic Zirconia Multi HOLLOW HEART DROP Belly Ring
Aquamarine Cubic Zirconia CHARMING CRAB Dangle Belly Ring Aurora Gem Paved MOON and STAR Dangle Belly Ring
Citrine Gem PALM TREE Dangle Belly Ring

Thank you so much for reading my magazine and my website – I really hope you enjoy it and you’ve found info you’ve been looking for, bought new belly rings, found another interesting websites…And everything else what you’ve been dreaming about!

Until next month,

Roberts Kukurs

2006 – 2007 Belly Button Rings Guide

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