Especially For Your Belly Button, Issue #002

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March 01, 2007
My dear reader!

Welcome to the issue #002 of Especially For Your Belly Button – your monthly online magazine from Belly Button Rings Guide!

I hope you enjoyed the first issue a month ago and found something interesting in it. As promised I’m getting back to you with the latest news and belly ring trends!

In this issue you’ll read the following:

1) St Patrick’s Day is on March 17 – check out the Irish belly rings!

2) Belly button has a few names – where they all come from?

3) Site updates

4) The latest belly rings – top sellers!

St Patrick’s Day is on March 17 – check out the Irish belly rings!

Ruby Red Gem No. 4 IRISH CLADDAGH Belly Ring

St Patrick’s Day is just 2 weeks away and Irish all over the world are eagerly waiting for it! They’ll start on Thursday 15 and end on Monday 19 – 5 days of festivals, music, dancing, drinking, street theatres…in other words – doing what real Irish like most!

I live in Ireland myself and although I’m not an Irish, I am thrilled my emotions emanating from people here – they’re so full of life!

Black and GREEN CLOVER Logo Belly Button Ring

And sure – there are belly button rings for those who want to embellish their navels accordingly going out on Paddy’s day. You can choose from simple belly rings to so called Claddagh rings – they’re really nice. Click on the pictures, and you’ll see more of them.

Belly button has a few names – where they all come from?

So – the word “navel” – where it comes from? Old Norse called it “nafli”. Common Germanic equivalent is “nabhalo” (a derivative of “nabho”). Old High German description of belly button was “nabalo”. But our ancestors who spoke Old English called it “nafela” – very similar to today’s “navel”.

The second word – “umbilicus” comes from Latin. The Romans called it so and it has been adapted into English from the times when UK was a part of the Roman Empire which comprised nearly the whole known world back then!

Site updates

Belly Chains
– this is a page where you can read about belly chain styles and start browsing through them to find your favorite one. You don’t even have to have a pierced navel to wear a belly chain!

Belly Piercing Myths

is a page where you can read about the most common myths about belly button rings. Much of what we read or listen to is just a fad, and belly button piercing isn’t an exemption.

For instance, we all have an impression that oriental belly dancers should have a belly piercing…

The latest belly rings – top sellers!

Double Crystalline Gem MOOD Belly Ring

Mood Belly Ring

#1 this month has been the Mood Belly Button Ring. This piercing’s dangling gem changes its color depending on temperature. Even slight changes will do!

I remember myself having rings with such gems – they changed color seemingly without any reason at all and one starts to wonder if they really can guess your mood…

Midnight Red Gem SOUTHWESTERN LIZARD Belly Button Ring

Lizard Belly Ring

The Lizard is another from the top sellers. I like the way it looks – as if the lizard has thrust through the belly button – nice indeed!

#2 Ruby Red  DANGLING CHERRY Belly Ring

Cherry Belly Ring

The previous belly rings were the best sellers from the new arrivals. Cherry Belly Ring, however, has still managed to keep its leader position and be the best sold belly ring at Body Candy


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Thank you so much for reading my magazine and my website – I really hope you enjoy it and you’ve found info you’ve been looking for. And – of course – bought new belly rings!

Until next month,

Roberts Kukurs

Belly Button Rings Guide

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