by Marcelle


My name is Marcelle n I live in the paradise country of Seychelles.

I’m in my bikini 24/7 n I love top visit the fantastic beaches we have here.

I’m 17 n I just finished secondary school. Since I was a small girl I loved my belly area, I find the waist n hips the perfect curve to show on a woman. I have a great curve n a flat tummy so i always thought that a belly ring would be the perfect accessory to my body. I saw it on my best friend, friends n cousins n I was so keen to get one since they looked so good with it on n had entire collections of funky jewellry to boot.

However, my parents n aunts hated the idea so I had to wait till I was 16 to get it done. I saved up aound $80 to get it done here in the Seychelles.

Unfortunately the piercer wasn’t a professional so the piercing is shallow n I am paranoid about the bar being ripped out or tugged n migrated to leave a horrible scar.

When I first got it I was so excited, it was a pink jewel on surgical steel barbell, n I looked at it in the mirror 24/7. I took so much care to clean n look after it so it would not get infected.

I cleaned it daily with a good salt soak for 2 months. Trust me, it works wonders! After a month I bathed without the patch n I went swimming in the sea. Everything turned out well as I was determined to do things the hygienic way.

I got bored after a while though because it was the same old barbell n as I was studying for my final secondary exams I didn’t have much time to go to the beach to show it off. When I finished at school though, I started going to gym n as my body started looking better n better I had the confidence to flaunt my belly ring, especially when I went for a new years holiday on the island of La Digue.

I went around in my bikini n shorts everyday n got an awesome tan that made my belly ring look even cooler!!

My friends n even my mum now compliment me on my belly bar, she says my belly looks as if it was made for the piercing!

My favorite rings are my multicolored angel fish bar n a bar of dangling green jewels.

Some people say that a belly piercing is cheap n tartly but I don’t think so, after all the princess of Monaco sports one n it all depends on how u dress.

I think belly rings are the sexiest thing a woman can get and is the perfect accessory to a fabulous bikini!

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