By Lee Ann from Summerton
my epic cerations_fbu i am 16 years old and my parents told me i have to wait till i was 18 to get my belly pierced. they told me over and over again until i got to my breaking point and i did.

i was chicken at first bc i didn’t want it to hurt and i normally do piercings when im pissed off (mainly my ears and sisters and there bf’s ears) so i some what set my bf up for a fight which ended up with us breaking up and i got soo mad that i pierced it all the way thru the top and bottom part of my bellybutton.

i didnt noticed at firsted bc i was looking for my belly ring and when i looked down i saw the blood running down the bottom part of my navel i kinda freaked out in a panic attack and ended up blacking out.

when i woke up i saw it and i was thinking to my self huh thats cute too but i didnt have a double navel ring so the bottom closed up but i still got my top piercing done and still hiding it and wondering how long can i go before they notice bc we’re taking a trip too hawaii and i have no retiner for it lol…. wish me look!!!! <3

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