Early birthday gift..lol


 By Jennifer, East Elmhurst, New York.

Ok so two weeks ago I went with my sister and her friend and my two year old nephew to get my belly button pierced.

 I always wanted to get it done but never did for whatever reason… tattoos are my thing. Anyways so off we go cause my sister friend had to change her ring. So I see the other girls there and like two girls before me are getting their piercing im getting kind of nervous now but I look cool cause these girls look 16 and im 22 what’s my deal right. So now it’s my turn his name was Rick with all kinds of body mods, and he had something that really interested me anchors or something whatever. So im real extra and I when it was finally my turn I decided that not only did I want the top but I wanted the bottom pierced too (inverse navel). Yeah…

  Ok mark me up gives me the marker and lie down… now with tattoos the warn you when there about to start but all Rick said was breath in and pinch… UGGHHH I totally teared up I was OH EEM GEE… 2 secs later bottom… the actuall piercing dosnt really hurt but them putting in the jewelry hurts.

For fast forward one week. They gave me bactine(it worked great for my sister she healed in 2 months) for me it made the hole red and real irritated and it dried out the area around the piercing so I went to my tattoo place and got a sea salt spray solution and they also told me that I can use normal saline(.09 or something like that) so anyways it crusted up ad stuff was coming out of it.. it bleed the third day and I was so nervous really cause I had already stated buying new rings( I was going hard right, lol) then by the 5th day no pain and I didn’t eve feel it..im now on week to and I still wet a q-tip with warm water to get the crust off, wash with dial twice a day, and spray the sea salt solution on it. So far so good I have no pain and the redness is gone, I would really like to change the ring but ima wait the 6 month mark.

 I love my double belly ring and im real glad I decided to get it 😀


  1. i agree, the piercing itself wasn’t too bad, but when they put the jewellery in, that killed! I wish I waited 6 months, I changed mine after 4… now I have to wait another 3 months for it to heal again lol… stay committed to the six!

  2. Its gonna hard for you to wait six months especially when you already brought belly rings LOL cuz i told myself that i would wait 6 months but i gave in after 3months
    But hopefully you do its better to wait

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