Eager piercer and D cups!

By Shavonne, Virginia, USA

Navel piercing

My girls had been talking about getting a piercing for the last couple of days. It was September 17, 1997 when they decided that we all should self-mutilate our bodies before homecoming. Being rebellious against my religion and parents, I went for it.

We had picked the piercing spot because it was walking distances from our dorms and the neon lights were pretty cool. We weren’t picky, just eager. I walked in feeling a little nervous about the experience. This was going to be my first piercing ever, not even my ears had holes.

I began to get excited until two White guys came out; one regular tattoo-sized individual and a big enormous fat guy. My girls questioned about their piercing and I proudly boasted that I wanted my nipple pierced. The mammoth obese guy fashioned his hands as if he was already touching my D cups and yelled out, “I’ll do it.” Simultaneously, he lifted up his shirt revealing a ring with the diameter of a soda can hanging off his nipple. At that moment, my dreams of getting my nipple pierced turned into getting my naval pierced. 😆

My piercing looked great. I absolutely loved it and I was the talk of my small town when I went to homecoming. I showed it off to everybody and all the football players found it extremely sexy. So sexy, that about 8 months later I got pregnant 😉

The first thing my doctor wanted me to do was to remove my naval ring. I quickly gave him a “No.” Was he crazy? I wasn’t going to take my naval ring out. After all, what was going to take the attention off those ugly stretch marks that were beginning to design my stomach?

At that time I didn’t know that the rings could be removed, so for about 5 years I had the same piercing in my naval. Go figure! It’s been 12 years. Infections, migration, and sexiness and nothing has separated me from my piercing. I think now I am ready to go back for that nipple ring. 🙂

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