Double Trouble

By Nikki from Florida.
My love for piercings started when i was 15. The very first one i ever got was my lip,and it is the only one i have gotten professionally done. I have a total of five body piercings and have done all but the one on my own. I done my eyebrow when i was 16, my nose and belly when i was 17. I must say out of all my belly hurt worse, it might be because i decided i wanted top and bottom done at the same time! I know it was crazy but what can say i have an addiction!

My aunts brother worked as an EMT and was able to get me a few needles all still wrapped and ranged from 18,16,and 14 gauge. I really thought my belly was infected at first and was sure i would have to take it out but lucky for me i didnt. It healed in a few weeks. The bottom however i had to take out because it was getting caught on EVERYTHING!!! I redone it a week ago and am soo happy i did. It looks great and my boyfriend loves it! However i would deff recomend to anyone out there thinking of doing it thierselfs to rethink that. I egret now not getting professionally done becuase the top part is so crooked granted i did have about 10 people in the room with me at the time. I am so lucky none of my piercings have ever gotten infected. Who knows maybe i will get a job one day piercing!!!

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  1. I’m getting both the top & bottom pierced at the same time on Friday, I’m wondering how painful will it be for the first coupple weeks? I herd some people could barely walk for the first few days, and does it hurt to clean/how did you clean your piercings?

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