Did I make the right choice?

By Audra, from Texas.

I have a friend who has her belly button pierced. It looks really cute, especially with her swimsuit. She kept telling me I needed to have mine done that I would love it. In September, I was in a nearby town that actually had a shop that did piercings. I decided to go in and check it out. The guy had been in the business for over two decades. I was pretty confident about having it done. Don’t get me wrong…my knees were shaking so badly…I’m sure he heard them knocking…lol. My son went with me and kept telling me that it was going to hurt and I didn’t have to do it. Not my best choice in picking a cheerleader…lol. My friend said it didn’t hurt…she lied. I sucked air so hard that my hair which is about two feet long should have sucked up to about an inch all over my head…geez. To top it off, I almost passed out, but felt better when the piercer told me a big guy had passed out after a piercing and fell on him…lol. Anyway, everything was fine until I changed my hoop in for a ring i ound at a local chain outlet…was suppose to be stainless steel…turned me green and severe infection set in. So beware what you buy. I found a titanium ring and saw a vast improvement in just a few days. I am still in phase two of the piercing and have found that the saline solution such as H2Ocean is a great help in the healing process. Now my bellybutton is back to cute and I will continue to purchase from this site. It saved my bellybutton piercing as I was about to give up. Thanks

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  1. I had mine done it felt good it was quik and fast i would do that again but mine comes out i dont know why so i have my nose pierced in stead i hope you like it i use the h2 ocen speay to and it made it come out fast so watch it

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