Demi Lovato Belly Button Piercing

By A.J, Florida

Demi Lovato Belly Piercing

Demi Lovato in the Bahamas at the beach !!!!!!! See her belly button ring!!!!! 😉

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    I hit 15 in next month and I really want to get my belly pierced.., I’ve asked my parents million times, and now finally I almost have a permission ::) I’m looking forward to my b-day, but if my parents doesn’t allow me the belly button piercing I’ll take it without permission. I’m just trying to live my life and one piercing does not make me a slut.

  2. I’m seriously thinking of having one done.I’m 19 so I’m not too young.I’m not a fan of Lavato but she looks nice in that pic.It makes me start thinking that I wanna quit bleaching my hair blonde and go brunette again.Call me crazy but I think that a navel piercing would look cuter on a brunette.It looks more tasteful and less Brittney wannabe.

  3. That looks really nice on Demi, and I think Miley’s looks really nice too =)
    And by the way, having a belly piercing doesn’t mean you’re a slut or a trouble maker etc. – it just means you like belly piercings 😛
    Peace =)
    PS. Does anyone know what brand that cute bikini she’s wearing is?

  4. having a belly button piercing doesnt make you or anyone else a slut. its a fashion trend that is happening. i seen like 12 year olds getting theirs done. maybe some parents arent too crazyy about it and my parents were inpartial when i asked to get mine done and they said i have to wait untill im 18. now 18 and got it done, so what if demi and miley have theirs done too, its not like they are gonna die from it, or too make themselves look more sexy.

  5. Wow people! Grow Up! SERIOUSLY. 1st of all sh*t happens… we all make mistakes/bad decisions. I, personally, am not even a huge fan of either demi or miley, but i’m not going to go around calling them trashy.. slutty.. etc. 2nd, why get a piercing if your not going to show it off?? thats like getting your ears pierced, then wearing ear muffs.. dumb. I pierced my belly button when i was a freshman in highschool, it was straight, and it never got infected. piercings are a way to express ones personality.. or.. some just get ’em because their “cute”… either way, main point to this comment, quit trash talking people! one day karma will bite you in the ass!. (: ahaha!

  6. i think that there is nothing wrong with demi getting a navel peircing why because she has had it and hardly anybody knows about in while otherwise miley has to show it off in a slutty ass way and has photos of herself bending over in her drawers which is trashy and slutty. and nothing is wrong with it because i want a navel peircing too

  7. I really hate really who gives a flying fuck i’m 14 and i have one and i’m not a slut..because you have one doesn’t mean anything at all just because you have jewelry hanging down your navel like seriously people who think thats wrong should get a life and not worry about other peoples life’s thats how you become stupid

  8. How is Miley showing hers off in a trashy way? The only reason people know about it is because she jumped at her sweet 16 party (her shirt wasn’t short enough to see it normally) and then she was wearing a bikini at the beach (like Demi’s photo). Miley doesn’t even wear short shirts on stage at her concerts; only her shorts are short. She’s not trashy. Neither is Demi for that matter. They both seem like nice girls. They are 17 now and their parents are okay with their piercings. I can’t believe how hateful some people are being toward other people’s children. If you don’t like how they act, raise your own children differently.

    Vanessa should have been more careful and probably not taken the nude pictures, but she was already over 18 (an adult) at that point, so it’s very different. Miley was about 14 in her leaked questionable (not nude) photos, and at that age, people are wondering where her parents were.

    I don’t understand why Perez was trashing Miley for her piercing and then he posts Demi photos and doesn’t even comment that she got her belly pierced. He just picks and chooses his favorites and hates on everyone else.

  9. cute,i think the diff between miley and demi is that miley has to show it off in a trashy (kind of slutty) way,and demi dosent…but nothings wrong with belly rings

  10. what is so bad about belly piercings?seriously who cares if they get one and it doesnt make them sluts or anything unless they are really young so who cares.miley is 17 now so she can do pretty much whatever she wants anyways. LET THEM LIVE THEIR OWN LIVES!

  11. WTF i cant belive how every body is haten on miley ( NOT ON THIS SITE!) because she got it done, But when the new it girl gets it done every body worships her for it!! Just like when miley took all those pics, Every body want’d to kill her for it but when vennssa H. takes a NUDE pic of her self nobey says nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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