Deaf girl getting her belly pierced alone?.. sure, why not!?

By Taylor, from Fresno.

I’m deaf, and one of my friends is this adorable, spunky deaf girl. I noticed she got her belly pierced, and it was really cute! I fell in love with the idea of getting one for myself, so I inquired as of where she got hers done, and she referred me to a shop.

After some thought, I decided to just ‘wing it’ and drove over there by myself that very day! The tattoo/piercing shop was in a somewhat shady part of town, so I was a little unsure about going in there, especially without a means of communication since I couldn’t talk or hear!

However, the employees were very nice and friendly. They pulled out a piece of paper and pen and started to write to me when they figured out that I was deaf. I explained I wanted a navel piercing, and they promptly led me to a piercer.

The piercer was SOOO nice. He gestured to the objects he was going to use on me, and explained to me the cleaning process, meanwhile pausing every once in a while to make sure I understood him. He then had me lie down. He markedmy navel with a pen, and pulled out a clamp. The clamp felt a little funny, and then when the piercer actually pierced my navel, it pinched a little. But it was all over with so fast! One second I had a blah, boring belly, the next, it was all glammed up with a gorgeous belly button ring!

I was in and out within 10 minutes, max! 3 weeks later, and it is still looking fabulous! I cannot wait until I am able to change the jewelry and show it off.

I would definitely recommend a belly button piercing for anyone! Anyone looks sexy with one!

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