Get a dangling navel ring – and your navel will get twice as much attention as before!

Dangling navel ring has something that moves! You can wear a simple belly button ring which consists of a curved bar and balls at the either end. But – you can add something to it like a pendant, beads, gemstones, a charm, your favorite baseball team’s logo, the college you’re in…I could go on and on because there are so many different dangles available to chose from!

In fact, almost all belly button ring styles have some dangling objects – unless we look at a plain belly ring without any additional adornment. Let’s have a look at the most popular ones!

Pink Cubic Zirconia JASMINE CHANDELIER Belly Ring
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Chandelier dangling navel ring

These belly rings look like chandeliers indeed – large, sophisticated pendants featuring numerous gems or beads. The size of pendants varies, though, and you can find some pretty tiny ones if you prefer not to have a big dangle.

Sapphire Blue Gem DOLPHIN Nirvana HEART Belly Ring
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Animal dangling navel ring

You can get dangling belly rings with animal pendants and these are very popular. Dolphins, butterflies, dragonflies, lizards, frogs, turtles, horses, cats, spiders, bats – the choice is big enough for the needs of everyone. I think the best selling animal belly rings are dolphins, butterflies and dragonflies – online jewelry stores usually have classified these kinds separately thus showing the pattern of demand.

Multicolor Jeweled FLOWERING IVY Top Dangle Belly Ring
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Other dangling belly rings

Other kinds include all imaginable combinations of gemstones, feather-like dangles, wires, charms. Gemstone colors vary from transparent to a full spectrum of a rainbow. Pendants can be hanging down attached to the belly button ring’s top or bottom ball. In the first case the pendant will be hanging over your belly button – like in the picture to the right of this paragraph.
What else is available? Hm mm…You can attach your initial to your belly button or some word like “sexy” or “angel” or something naughty…or a zodiac sign…a heart…To see everything that you can choose from, take a look at – my favourite online store and find the perfect dangling navel ring for you! In the picture below you can see a beautiful dangling navel ring I bought at Body Candy for my wife.

How to search for dangling belly button rings

Online body jewelry stores have huge assortment and it’d be nearly impossible for them to have all the belly rings structured – that would make too many categories.

Be sure to dig in all the categories to find the belly ring you’d like to buy. Let me show you an example at , one of the best body jewelry stores on the Net. Let’s say, you checked chandelier – bead dangle belly rings and tried to find the one for you. And – nothing caught you eye… Don’t stop!

Move on to Southwest / Turquoise belly rings to see if there’s something interesting. Still nothing? Keep on searching under other categories – and, of course, in Dangling / Moving belly rings. This category contains more than 300 different belly rings and I’m pretty sure there you’ll find the right one for you!

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