Dangling & Moving Belly Button Rings.

Here you can buy the best quality dangling belly button rings!!

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  1. helloo, i got my belly button done recently and its gone well, it healed up quickley so i could change it. so i changed it to a dangling one and that didnt turn out so good,because when you get dressed you catch your belly bar on your clothes and it hurts. these nelly bars are gorgeous though! im gunna give it another go with the danglig ones because these are gorgeous! & also my friend is having her belly button done soon and she doesnt know what type of metal bar to have. gold,silver,titaniam,surgical steel? which one heels the quickest? +which is most popular to buy.? sorry this is so long aha, but where can you buy the cleaner from that you put on your belly?i cant find it anywhere! please reply.
    many thanks xx

  2. i like the belly botton rings i,m a grand ma looking arround at rings for my very thin grand daugthers i,m new to a lot of stuff i,m a grand mother always concern about my grand daugthers for infectiuons they can wear this botton because there tummy are flat i was once when i was young to i only wade 94 pounds teenager that is but any way i,m happy for my grand daugthers if they like that belly stuff i think like a grandma just worried about my sweet little grand daugthers if i was in my 30,s or 40,s being a mom i may under stand more about whats going on i guess i,m a little laid back never use to be but getting older your more calmer at times my grand daugthers birthdays are coming up soon just looking at belly rings please send me belly rings on birth stones jully and august

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