Dangling Dream Catcher Belly Button Ring

Dangling Dream Catcher Belly Button Ring

There’s nothing better to accentuate your sleek midriff than a beautifully designed belly button ring, don’t you agree? 😉

Just check out this photo where a girl sports a cool looking dream catcher belly button ring – doesn’t she just look gorgeous?

I guess you won’t be able to deny the allure of dangling navel jewelry, so in case you’re currently looking for high-quality affordable belly jewelry for yourself, please check out our range of dangling belly rings HERE!

Also, why don’t you share your belly button piercing experience with other Belly Rings Guide’s readers and get a FREE belly ring in return?

Just check out Taylor’s belly self-piercing story – if you think you could write something similar, please head straight to this page and submit your piercing story.

The moment the piercing story is published, we’re going to post a FREE belly ring to you, and please don’t worry – you don’t necessarily have to resemble the model from the photo above in order to get featured on this website.

Anyone will get published for as long as the piercing story is at least 300 words long and the photo is of a decent quality! 😉

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