Dangers Of Belly Piercing And How To Avoid Them

What are the dangers of belly piercing and how to avoid them is the first question that pops up when you have decided to get one for yourself. It is true that belly piercings look attractive and sexy. You have a massive choice of belly button jewelry to pick from and show off your piercing. But even as your peers are admiring your piercing, it is important for you to be aware of the dangers of belly piercing and how to avoid them!

First, lets talk about the dangers of belly piercing. You could get it snagged in your clothing and that can be painful. It could get irritated and infected with sweat and other contaminants. When this happens, it takes a lot longer to heal and you want to avoid that, because navel piercings generally take a lot longer to heal than other body piercings.

Now how can you avoid the dangers of belly piercing? The first thing you must know is never ever try to do it at home by yourself! Next the shop where you get it pierced must be reputable and certified. The best way to get a belly piercing done is by a professional piercer who knows his job as this can avoid any mishaps.

You should make sure that all the piercing tools; needles, jewelry etc. are all prepackaged and pre-sterilized. If dirty needles or dirty equipment is used you could get an infection that can lead to quite serious consequences.

As it is, because of its location, belly piercings take a lot longer to heal and that could be irritating for some people. You want to be careful when you change your clothes because when you pull your top off, it can get caught in the fabric. When you put your shirt on, it can tear a bit.

In warm weather or while working out, we tend to sweat and this can get into a belly piercing and irritate it. So make sure you wash it thoroughly when you sweat into it.

When you get your belly piercing, choose your jewelry carefully. Your piercer can help you do this. Curved barbells are usually recommended as they lessen the chances of irritation. They do not move sideways or up and down as much as other jewelry in the piercing so that minimizes the chances of aggravating it.


    1. It’s not a good idea. Alcohol dries the skin so the piercing will take longer to heal and will be more prone to infections.

  1. @ gabby OMG you cleaned it peroxide, didnt they tell u never to do that? okay first of all you are not suppose to do that peroxide is made for cuts when u put that on your belly button it will try to tear your skin… wich when you first get your belly button pierced it is going to reject so ur only requored to clean it with seasalt anti -bacterial soap and h2ocean NEVER CLEAN YOUR BELLY BUTTON WITH PEROXIDE also bumbs are normal they are on 99% of everyones bellybutton when you get it pierced it was on mine and last you were suppose to wait at least 4-6 months to change it thats why puss is still coming out sometimes puss comes out when you clean it to mumch or to little and from the bump … the bump is a bacterial pocket and all the bacteria builds up in it thts y the puss comes out and i hope this helped you 🙂

  2. i have a question. i got my belly button pierced about three months ago i cleaned it with salt water and peroxide. i changed my belly button ring after a month. the jewlery seemed to irritate but then it got better. as time passed now i notice a ball under my piercing inside my belly button and it has puss in it when i push it the puss comes out the top of the other side. what do i do? it doesnt hurt or sting and isnt red its just a soft ball.

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