Damn Navel Pierced Hurt Psyche

This belly button piercing story was submitted by Kimbreyana Dean. 

Navel piercing story

Okay well my time had come and was closing on me it was that time of the month.

No it wasn’t period time – it was piercing time ❗

I wanted so many piercing and being the age that I am 18 was a good start but unfortunately I couldn’t get them all – I had to stick with one that sucks.

I would’ve looked cool if I was to get a tragus piercing but it didn’t feel right I wanted to do something bold and exciting so after my mom dropped me off at Taboos and Tattoos (the piercing parlor) my dad and I had to wait who knows how long…

Finally it was my turn – before me was a girl my age and she had both her nipples pierced and her mom got her navel pierced.

I was scared but deep down I was ready, so after they called me in I had to pull up my dress which felt weird cause I was exposing body part but I didn’t give a damn – I was getting a radical hard-core piercing!

It didn’t hurt – I know they cut my skin and put the balls in it was just a pinch which surprisingly felt good after the operation was done my mom and sister couldn’t believe it! They kept asking if it did hurt and I just said: “You know, it took me five minutes to get it pierced!”

* * *

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