Daddys Girl Wins Again

By XX from IndependenceSnapshot_20130206_fbu

Ever since I was about 13( I am now 17) I have always wanted a belly button piercing. I always thought it gave people attention and as the only girl it was my chance.

I first went to my mom( Since my dad is the type that believes in no piercings other than your ears). So since I am a athlete I was working out a lot. and it was almost my 17th bday. so I said ” mom if i continue to work out can I get it?'” and after some time she finally agreed. But when it came to me looking for places she goes ” You have to ask your dad!” I was scared.

At first he said “No” then i asked him about a month later and he was like “yes” and i was like “are you serious?” and he said “you better get out of my face before I change my mind.”So i took it and ran with it.

I went with my friend to get it done but then we found out that they need license to match with your guardian so i couldnt get it done. The next day my mom came to get me from school so I can get it done. She kept asking me if I really wanted it and I kept saying yes but in the back of mind I was scared that it might reject( because I did some research on it and was freaked!).

I arrived at the place and they matched our license, copied it, and gave my mom and I to sign. I signed and when I was waiting for the piercer to set up I was shaking. We get to the back room and he told me to lift my shirt up so he could mark my belly button. so he cleaned it with a sanitizing wipe and he marked it. ( he just forgot to ask me if it was straight). after that he told me to lie down on table and try to be still and relax.

He put the clamp on me, and once straight he put the noodle thru, then FINALLY put the ring in. he told me orally how to clean it( antibacterial soap and bacteine). i was EXTREMELY sore. I couldnt bend fully for about a week. But I wouldnt trade it for the world!(: thank you mommy and daddy!(:

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