Erin gets pierced by the coolest piercer in Stevens Point, Wisconsin

But her boyfriend plays with the new piercing till it becomes infected!

June 2007 Erin Wheeler, Stevens Point, Wisconsin

Well I first got my bellybutton pierced over my Christmas break of 2006 with my new roommate from college at Flesh Chamber West in Appleton, WI (which at the time was on a Wed. so I got the piercing for only $15.00 !! along with my nose at the same time for another $15.00.)

I had to lay down on a table with my girlfriend sitting by my side the whole time. The guy who did it was SOOO much fun, he made me feel so comfortable and relaxed about it. When it was time for my belly he told me to “start stripping and I will tell you when to stop,” he was the coolest.

My boyfriend at the time thought it was so HOT that he did not stop playing with it every time I saw him, even though I told him to stop and let it heal. Did he listen…nope! So of course as much as I cleaned it, that didn’t help.

It got infected so then after taking it out at about five months and letting it heal for another month, I went and got it repierced in June of 2007 at a place called Rocky’s in Stevens Point, WI. That cost me about $20.00.

At this place however I had to sit/lay back in a chair and the guy didn’t even tell me it was happening so the guy whom I was with just laughed at me when I turned and yelled at the piercer for not given me a heads up.

It seems funny now, but at the time it hurt worse than the first one!! So I am hoping now that things will be better the second time around. So far they are looking up and looking GOOOOD 🙂

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