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Just to make sure that you submitted your e-mail address and no-one is ill-using it I sent a confirmation e-mail to your inbox (if you don’t see the e-mail there, check the spam folder and whitelist my e-mail address).

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By confirming your e-mail you will be subscribed to my mailing list. You’ll be receiving body piercing and body jewelry related information and other cool stuff from me in the future. I’ll be discussing various aspects of body piercing and I really hope you’ll enjoy reading my e-mails!

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HOWEVER, if you choose NOT to receive any future e-mails from me – there’s an unsubscribe link at the bottom of each and every e-mail I’ll send you. It’s easy-peasy – just click on that link and you won’t receive any future e-mails from me.

Please DON’T use the SPAM button in your e-mail client to spam my e-mails – there’s no need to do it as I’m not a spammer! I hate anyone who sends unwanted e-mails with advertisements and irrelevant information just as much as you do!

What you’ll be getting from me is – ONLY piercing related videos, news articles, and my website’s updates!

So please confirm the e-mail I just sent you and you’ll be taken to a download page where you’ll get the FREE eBook.

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  1. Hi..i got my piercing in the month of October after few days later bump appear and also water come through that but after some day it gone and it wont pain much….so i decided to change my stud but my nose piercing whole is too small stud doesn’t fit and my nose get swelled some clot got happen and skin become black around the piercing whole….now i am not having any stud in that but having a very thin stick in it as it was very badly paining and not able to bare it…please suggest what to do i don’t want to make my nose ugly…

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