Cheerleader belly ring – it’s really hot!

A girl gets a belly ring and has a few months to heal it before the competitions start

May 2007 Dylann, Calvert City, Kentucky

Alright…the actual decision process of getting my navel piercing took an entire year.

First of all, I was 13 years old and I was ready to get it done-well at least that’s what I thought…But my parents did NOT approve of me getting it done at such a young age, and they were skeptical about it clashing with sports; I was a cheerleader at my high school and did a competitive squad. I took consideration of what they said and waited.

Then, in April I brought it up again, this time both my and I wanted to get it done together for my birthday. Our parents said it was okay now that I was just doing the competitive squad and I had a few months for it to heal before competitions started which will be this September:) and I am very excited.

cheerleader belly ring

My friend and I, with our mom’s went around the area looking and asking about places to get it done, and we finally decided on a place we knew was clean, and followed all the KY state laws/requirements. They thoroughly explained the process and we set up an appointment, which we were extremely eager about!!!

Finally, the day arrived, I’ll admit I did have butterflies. I sucked it up, though 😉 and went first! To my surprise, it did not hurt as bad as I thought it would. When it was done, I was hella excited! It looked amazing, I was proud of it.

Since then, I have tried my best to keep it clean and to take care of it-which was stressed many times at the parlor-and it looks great.

Now, a little over a month later, I had got to thinking about what I would wear during cheerleading competitions, so I found this helpful website and sent an e-mail (I am not allowed to have visible body jewelry of course, and our uniforms show the entire midriff) and I got a reply, and a good website referral as to where I could get a retainer. (A clear, plastic replacement for the navel jewelry). Might I add, is perfect! So I definitely had to get the right size gauge and order one!:) I am so thankful that I found this site!

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  1. okay i’m thinking about getting mine done, i’m a cheerleader at my high school. this summer we have workouts until July 28th school starts August 19th will i have anytime to change it to the clear retainer so it doesn’t close or will it be best to leave the first one in? i wanted to get it the first week of August.

    1. I’m only ten and I am thinking about getting my bellybutton perused and i am cheerleader in fifth grade I needed to know if anything needs to change or not. ???? so happy

  2. I think you shoul wait intill you getout of school because your cheerleader coch may start checking to see if you have the ring in it if it is he may have you take it out then it will heel fast then you would pay all that money out for nothing soit ok to get your nose pierced but not your belly button i had mine done but mine came out so if you ask me no just wait in till ou get out of school my cheerleader girlfriend has her pierced and they dont say nothing at all.

  3. I got my bellybutton peirced April 6th, 2012 and right me
    It is June 9th, 2012. I had quit my competition/tumbling classes for a little while and I decided to get mine pierced. And I did. I’m planning on going back to tumbling classes in maybe a couple of weeks. Theres a foam pit and stuff we have to go into when we flip sometimes. I was wondering what I should do about that, or if I should wait a little longer to start classes again? Help!

  4. I just got my belly pierced saturday, and its monday.. weell, for cheer i have to do backhandsprings & multiples, but whenever i do front handsprings, and roundoffs, and cartwheels, it doesnt hurt, and whenever i stunt it doesnt hurt, but when i do my backhandsprings i started crying bcuz it hurt so bad

  5. I just got my belly peirced yesterday and i have cheerleading practice starting in 1 month. At the practices for tryouts they did jewlrey checks everyday where we have to lift our shirts up and if we have a belly ring in we had to take it out otherwise we couldnt practice. i dont understand what the big deal is even if i have a bandaid over it. i cant take it out or it will close since it will only be in for a month. so im thinking about quitting the squad (even though i already paid). this is such a difficult decision but id rather have my belly ring.
    for the girls above me..i advise you to get it done after tryouts or practice. but DEFINATELY ask your coach about it first!

  6. im 13 and i want to get my belly button peirced i am starting practice in 2 days but i really want to get it done i havent asked my parents yet so i have to do that but i think they will say yes i just don’t know what i will do for competitions because idk if u have to take them out please help!

  7. Well my cheerleading practices start in about 4 days and i really want to know if its going to hurt if i get it done like right now! becuase im a flyer and i do scorps and idk if that will hurt or not to stretch like that?or does it hurt to tumble? keep in mind i only have 4 days till practice.

  8. Thats weird u guys, almost every 1 on our squad has one so our coach doesnt say anything, but when we do compete, it has to be a really small one ( not dangely or really shiney )

  9. i guess i am the lucky one… i got mine done like 2 years ago. i dont wear it during competitions (our uniforms show alot of midriff) cause we are not alowed. but, i wear it almost always at practice and i always show my tummy at practice. i have never had problems thank god, lol… but maybe after hearing some of these i will start taking it out

  10. Yeeeah ima cheerleader and i got minee peirced right before nationals (our uniforms cover our midriff), i don’t know why i had no idea it was goin to hurt to do jumps and even stretch! my friends all said it didn’t hurt them so maybe i’m jsut sensitive

  11. I am 13 and yea i got mine peirced and im a cheerleader at my middle school in TN and we were doin a stunt and i was a base and the other base had her belly button peirced too…so we had to be extra carefull!!!but we did the stunt and the flyers foot went down on my belly ring and i felt it bleeding and i thought it ripped out…..but it didnt it was jus were it was pulled and it started bleeding and i was freaked out about and i hope it never gets riped out!!

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