Cat’s Guide to piercing Aftercare!

Chrishaunda (Cat – in the pic) recently posted a comment on our Aftercare article, and we decided it was so great we would share it with everyone (with her permission of course!)
Alright guys. I see lot’s of people asking about their new piercing. Okay. 1. Don’t touch it! Unless your in the shower and do so gently with a unscented anti bacterial soap, more or less let the water hit above it and trickle down. 2. Use H2Ocean spray 5 to 8 times a day, and take your shower before bed time. Make sure the sheets are clean every week, as well as use a fresh towel to dry off every night. Use paper towels or toilet tissue to dab at the piercing. Don’t actually use your towel to dry your piercing. 3. Your body CAN reject the piercing easily if you have had it done wrong as in shallow and a shallow piercing is when the original piercing has too much of the bar sticking out, more than of which is normal; the jewelry is too light, it can be too light as well as too heavy; and if you hit it, it can reject.

I have had a navel ring reject, I had it for 7 to 8 months. It migrated to about a centimeter before I really noticed, because of the fact that I had a smaller sized banana ring in and a good half the bar was sticking out the bottom. It’s been about a day since I got it redone, because of my scar tissue, it pings every now and then, that is normal. No redness, but the first time it was pierced after a couple of days a little blood came out during cleaning and it went back and forth to phase 2 and 3 off and on and never healed on TOP, it was healed on the bottom. I had crusties for about a month and they stopped pretty much.

Your piercing CAN heal only half way, if after 6 months the bottom half if your piercing is healed, and the top has a reddish or pink, even pink-purplish halo around it, see your piercer IMMEDIATELY and ask to have it look at. The chances here of it rejecting are going to be high if it is half healed.
It basically means there is too much friction on top, and it’s bouncing back and forth between phase 2 and phase 3 of healing and may have regressed to the beginning. You cannot change it like this.

I have 11 piercings and am looking to get hired on as a piercing apprentice hopefully. I have four ear piercings on either ear, 3 lobes each side, one cartilage; a right nose stud, L shaped ring; my tongue; and my navel for the second time. I weigh about 80 pounds at 5’1″. Titanium rings can be colored and the color will not come off. It is the only metal that will have colors that will not come off inside your piercings. I used them in my tongue a lot.

My second time getting my belly pierced was done yesterday with a surgical steel banana bar, deeper and thicker than last time, with the bigger of the two banana bar sizes. I was worried the jewelry would be too heavy due to changing out my smaller ring to a same gauge bar with bigger gem ends, but it isn’t. It was before. If it is too heavy and you feel it dangling, it means you are probably rejecting or it’s too big. Smaller jewelry would be best, see your piercer if anything seems out of the ordinary or you don’t know. The best thing to do is ask. When getting a new piercing or being new to piercing in general asking any question is not a dumb thing to do so ask away. That is what your piercer is for, to help you.

Remember, do research, as much as possible before getting your piercing. I am looking into getting a lip stud, similar to your nose. Some people call them angel bites, whether they are on the top or the bottom. The inside is treated as if you would your tongue, the outside as if you would your nose or ear or belly. It will swell up for about 3-5 days on average. When I got my tongue done, it hardly swelled. It swelled for about a day and went down, more than likely this will be the case for my lip. If you have your tongue done, and it had a similar swell, it will most likely do the same for your “angel bite”. The rings used for those lip piercings are flat on the inside and have a little round ball on the outside.

I hope this information helped anyone who reads it.

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