Are 14k Gold Belly Rings Less Likely to Be Rejected?

14k gold belly rings less likely to be rejected

You may now have realized this, but belly button piercing is actually a type of surface body piercing which essentially means that there’s a possibility it might get rejected.

What’s Navel Piercing Rejection?

Well, to put it in simple terms – it’s when your body quite literally pushes the piercing out! The wound is healing, and the flap of skin holding the piercing in is getting thinner till it breaks and the belly ring just falls out.

When you pierce parts of body such as earlobes, nostrils, lips or tongue, there’s virtually no way the body jewelry might get rejected for the simple reason that it’s way easier for your body to heal the wound by forming new skin than to try and push it out.

When you get a new belly ring though, there’s always a chance that your body will try and reject it instead of forming a perfectly healed piercing skin-tube where your belly ring sits in.

So, is Choosing a 14k Gold Belly Ring Going to Solve the Issue?

Is such a high-quality belly body jewelry going to minimize the risk of piercing rejection and insure your piercing wound heals quickly and without any associated health risks?

Well, here’s what you have to understand if you want to make your navel piercing wound heal faster:

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Reverse belly button rings – help and advice.

reverse belly ringsReverse belly button rings are to be inserted upwards from the bottom of the piercing and the dangle hangs down over the navel.

They can have either dangling charms or a curved bar with lots of gems on it – this is a classic style reverse navel ring.

From afar it looks as if a captive bead ring has been inserted – it creates an illusion of a full ring.In fact, it’s better than a full ring – it doesn’t project too far away from navel, thus reducing the likelihood of catching to something.

In this picture you can an example of a reverse gold belly button ring. You see – it gives the illusion of a full ring but isn’t.

reverse belly button rings

Reverse belly button rings have a totally different concept to common belly rings because the centre of the piece of jewelry sits above the navel instead of its center.

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Adjustable Bioplast Belly Rings.

Adjustable Bioplast Belly Rings

SUPER NEW Adjustable Bioplast Belly Rings!

These Adjustable Size belly rings can be cut to size to accommodate navel piercings of 5/8″ (16mm), 1/2″ (12mm), 7/16″ (11mm), 3/8″ (10mm) and 5/16″ (8mm) Length.

So you don’t have to bother yourself anymore with buying the right belly ring for your belly piercing size (as we know, piercing sizes may vary depending on how the piercer performed the belly piercing). You can easily end up having a belly ring that’s too long for your navel, for example, so this is when these adjustable belly rings come very handy! If you dont require and adjustable bioplast ring, there are plenty of standard bioplast belly rings available.

And Bioplast – by the way – has been recognized as the best material for the initial belly piercing (while it heals).

You can use these adjustable bioplast belly rings, of course, even when your piercing has been healed a long time ago. However, that’s what you have to consider if you’re thinking about getting your belly pierced – bioplast belly rings.

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Acrylic Belly Button Rings – Help and advice.

Acrylic Belly RingsAcrylic belly button rings are extremely popular especially because they are inexpensive yet look fabulous. There is such a mind-boggling variety available that it is amazing. You could actually get a collection and dazzle everyone with a new acrylic belly button ring every day! 🙂

If you are getting your first ever belly piercing, then you will be relieved to know that the material used in making the shaft of the acrylic belly button rings is surgical steel. Surgical steel is a high quality material and safe to wear. Acrylic is a type of plastic that has a wide range of uses these days and comes is a huge assortment of colors and styles. Acrylic is used for all kinds of body piercing jewelry and is much sought after because just about anyone can afford it.

Acrylic belly button rings come in an unlimited range of colors, shapes and designs and color combinations. Designs range from shapes like flower motif dangle, animals, pool balls, butterflies, hedgehogs, symbols etc. and there is a variety to please any taste. You can also get your favorite colors in funky designs!

The beautiful black acrylic yellow guitar butterfly belly ring or the black and yellow spring butterfly are really cool acrylic belly button rings that you can show off to your friends. Or take a look at the black beach ball hedgehog designed belly button ring. With the hedgehog as the main design, there are many variations in the design that look superb and very attractive on your skin.

Acrylic is a very comfortable material to wear. Some of the designs like the red, white pink and blue striped koosh ball belly ring comes with a cozy silicone spiky ball. If you prefer a little glitter on your belly piercing, then consider the crystalline double gem blue glitter belly button ring or the single gem electric blue UV design. You will just love the hot pink gem izzy lizzy belly ring with a lizard motif dangle and the foxy pink pleasure 70s dangle belly ring.

There are also prominent designs like the layered lime candy star, clover or heart belly button ring. For those who like a splash of color, there is the top dangle blue or purple acrylic multi layered belly ring, which is a unique swivel type that looks the business.

With all the choice available, rush to get your own collection! 😉

Steel Belly Rings – Help and Advice

Stainless Stell Belly Button Rings

It’s no wonder steel is the basic material for body jewelry!

Steel navel rings are very common because this is a top quality material and it is not expensive to produce. Although stainless steel contains  metals other than steel, these other metals don’t make it less body-friendly.

They are added to make it more durable for instance, and chromium is added to prevent rusting.

It is the basic requirement for the first time belly button piercings. So if you buy steel body jewelry, you can ask your piercer to insert it into your fresh piercing – after sterilizing, of course. But remember – steel body jewelry can’t be autoclaved (this is the process of sterilizing) if they have any other material elements – acrylic balls or gems for example.

So when looking for a new piercing made from steel,don’t just look for navel rings made fully from steel, look at anything you like and most likely that belly ring’s shaft is made of steel. The only true exceptions are titanium, gold or diamond belly button rings.

Belly button rings made of steel don’t react with body tissues. That is why you won’t find belly rings completely made from silver – in all the online stores recommended by me, silver body jewelry comes with stainless steel shafts.

Belly button rings made of surgical implant stainless steel is another choice for the first time belly button piercings. This metal used in medical industry for implants and is a high quality alloy. You’ll spend a bit more buying a belly ring made of implant steel, but it’s cleaner and less porous than the common stainless steel and if you want to have the confidence of having a belly button ring that could be as well used inside your body…go for it!

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If you want to see good stainless steel body jewelry, check out Body Candy online jewelry store. Most of the belly button rings have stainless shafts unless stated gold, bioplast or pregnancy belly rings. Click “Belly Button Navel Rings” on the navigation bar and then browse 32 categories of belly rings. As I said – most of them are made from stainless steel except gold, bioplast or pregnancy.

Why Choose a White Gold Belly Ring?

white gold belly ringsIf you are looking for a belly ring that looks elegant and which really stands out then you should consider a white gold belly ring. White gold belly rings are unique and they can look fantastic. However, there are a numbernull of things that you need to consider before you rush out and purchase one.

What you need to think about

The main thing that you need to know about white gold belly rings is that they can sometimes cause an allergic reaction.  This is because gold jewelry is never purely made from just gold. There are also other base metals used in order to make the jewelry stronger. These base metals give the gold its color and white gold is often created using nickel.

Nickel is the metal which causes problems for many people. It is mainly found in cheaper white gold belly rings so it would be advisable to stick to higher quality white gold whenever possible. The higher quality white gold belly rings are created using the base metal Palladium and that doesn’t tend to cause any problems at all.

If you have only just had your navel pierced then you should avoid white gold belly rings until the piercing has healed. If you place a white gold belly ring into a piercing which has not yet healed then it could cause an infection. This may be avoidable with white gold which contains Palladium but it is better to avoid it anyway just until you have properly healed.

Overall white gold belly rings do come in a large variety of different styles. They are nice to look at and they are not always overly expensive. However, you should beware of cheaper white gold jewelry as it is likely to contain nickel. No matter what style you are looking for, there will always be a white gold belly ring to suit your needs.

See our full range of white gold belly rings.