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Belly Button Piercing Story in Modesto, California

This belly button piercing story was submitted by Kayla Collins from Modesto, California. 

Belly button piercing in Modesto

Hi! I’m Kayla and I got my navel pierced a while back – I have no Idea why I got it , my sister in law has one but I don’t know… She didn’t inspire me. I kinda got it to motivate me to lose weight.

I’m not really fat but just a little chunky and I wanted my tongue done but the piercing guy said nowhere visible since my cousin took me in.

And it kinda was a spur of the moment thing – I was really scared because this was my first body piercing and we were just riding around and she said hey this is the chance let’s pierce something! 😀

I was like – uhh… I don’t know… I really was a pussy ❗

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Damn Navel Pierced Hurt Psyche

This belly button piercing story was submitted by Kimbreyana Dean. 

Navel piercing story

Okay well my time had come and was closing on me it was that time of the month.

No it wasn’t period time – it was piercing time ❗

I wanted so many piercing and being the age that I am 18 was a good start but unfortunately I couldn’t get them all – I had to stick with one that sucks.

I would’ve looked cool if I was to get a tragus piercing but it didn’t feel right I wanted to do something bold and exciting so after my mom dropped me off at Taboos and Tattoos (the piercing parlor) my dad and I had to wait who knows how long…

Finally it was my turn – before me was a girl my age and she had both her nipples pierced and her mom got her navel pierced.

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You Got Pierced in WHAT Country?!

This belly button piercing story was submitted by Allie Pisarro from Mount Laurel, New Jersey. Send in yours HERE and get a free belly button ring!

Belly button piercing story

Free Body Jewelry

“Santy! Let’s get piercings together!!” I said to my fiancé, Santiago, the day after coming back from the beaches of Ecuador. We had met three Canadian friends there who all got impromptu piercings, and it made me want to get one, too!

My piercing story may get a few wide eyes from American professional piercers since it’s a little adventurous, but I can promise that I’ve only chosen sterile, safe environments to get my piercings… even if they were overseas. Bear with me, as it may get a little long…. 😉

I had always secretly wanted a belly ring. Piercings were always fun to me, but even though I desired to have that pretty silver jewelry in my belly that would shine in the sun at the beach, I also always told myself that it was off limits. Why? Because I never thought I was the appropriate weight for them ❗ Even though I was never obese, I always felt “fat” and not good enough to wear a bikini (not just from my own mind, but I was also told the same by others). I stopped wearing bikinis at the age of 13 and started wearing tankinis (two pieces that cover the belly area). At that age I also became semi-anorexic, allowing myself to eat very little. That only lasted a year, and I was back to eating junk again! 😀

Years passed, and the thought of a belly piercing would cross my mind at times. I started to tell myself that I could get a belly ring if I “became skinny”. It became my new goal, but it was never achieved. I was never the weight or the look that I wanted to be, so I gave up on the idea 🙁

I began to get other piercings. My nose piercing was the first piercing adventure that I had as an adult. While on a mission trip in Africa with my college freshman year, I, with two other girls, decided to spontaneously get my nose pierced. The nurse (our leader) found a clean, sterile place, and we did it! I was so hyped that I got my second ear piercing, as well! This lead me to get my ears pierced another five times and then eventually got my lip pierced a year later.

Again, the idea of a belly ring was still off limits for me! But one day while I was living in Ecuador with my fiancé (who is Ecuadorian), I couldn’t get it off my mind. My fiancé, who doesn’t have any piercings, had mentioned that he wanted to get an industrial; he saw a sword industrial that he really wanted.

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Four Attempts – One Success

Four attempts to pierce belly button

Free Body Jewelry

Hey, my name is Alisha… Ever since I was 12 I’ve wanted a belly ring… One day at my moms, I took an earring and figured if I can pierce my ears with them, I can pierce my belly…

So I tried for hours trying to poke a dull earring through my belly button! It finally worked … A tiny little hole poked through my skin with a dull earring in it 😆

I went to school the next day showing it off like it was something cute. A few nights later I went out to a party with a friend & I was sitting in the backseat with my bf…

I have no clue what we were doing… But the next day we woke up in my friends bed & the earring totally ripped out of my skin 😯

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That Weird Thing Called Confidence

This belly button piercing story was submitted by Morgan from Fairfield, Connecticut. Send in yours HERE and get a free belly button ring!

Belly Button piercing

Free Body Jewelry

As a child, my father sexually assaulted me. It was traumatic and life changing, even though I never realized it. As a result of my trauma, I never felt good about myself. I have struggled with bulimia, self-harm, anorexia, and depression. My confidence has been non-existent for most of the seventeen years of life.

About two years ago, I met my best friend Cassandra. She really helped me come out of my shell. She taught me what real beauty is and slowly, my confidence started to grow. I am artist. My entire life is about creating. Creativity and design is in my blood. I realized that I loved any type of fashion and discovered my fascination with piercing and tattoos. I found my voice through piercings 😉

I grew up in a family where it was only acceptable to have earlobe piercings. And only one in each ear. But slowly I realized that I wanted my second and third holes. So I wrote my mom a five page letter on why I felt I needed them.

Piercings make me feel like an individual. Almost everyone has some, but they have different meanings for each person. Every time I added an earring, I felt good!

I began to pull my fantasy of a belly button piercing out from the dark, shut off part of my brain. Each day I would tell Cassandra how much I wanted it. I wanted it more and more each day. One day I bought 110 different types of piercing jewelry on Amazon. When it came in the mail, I felt this peace come over me. Piercings are beauty. They are individuality. Piercings make me who I am!

I convinced Cassandra to try to pierce my belly button with a sewing needle. Nope. Your stomach skin is tough! It would not go through, no matter how hard she tried. So we ordered forceps and piercing needles online. I was so excited that I could hardly contain my excitement as I waited for the supplies to come in the mail!

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Belly Hell…

This belly button piercing story was submitted by Katy Lambert from Seaton, Cumbria, England. Send in yours HERE and get a free belly button ring!

Belly Piercing Story

So, I have wanted this navel piercing for 3 – 4 years but have always been told no, as I was turning sixteen my mum and dad new that there was nothing stopping me when I was legal to go and get it pierced myself – in fact I can go get any piercing I want now! 😉

They both agreed to it and I went into town with my friends, my auntie had taken me to the piercing shop and signed the papers for me. The place looked really clean and I was really nervous standing at the desk I honestly thought I was going to faint.

While waiting in line the person that was doing the piercings shouted down: “I need someone to come with a mop, bucket and clean thing this girl has just been sick, fainted and is now bleeding!”

I started to freak out even more at this point but, I had been told by lots of people that Snicker bars are really good to eat before getting a piercing to stop you fainting because of the sugar content in it – something like that anyway… So I ate one before going into the shop.

I looked at some belly bars but I already knew what one I wanted, light blue because the blue crystal in it looks like my star sign stone and goes with my skin tone 🙂

I got really nervous waiting in line and it was pretty quick, 1 person went in for 2 seconds, comes out next person goes in it was really quick.

I finally went in and gave the guy my slip and picked my belly bar out, they guy started asking me questions and having a conversation with me which I liked because it relaxed me a bit. He cleaned my belly button and then got his pen and marked it and looked at me: “have you had this done before?”

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