The Navel Piercing

navel piercing

The torso is a large part of the body but very little of it can be pierced safely – the most popular areas being the belly button and the nipples. More extreme piercings can be done on the back but won’t be discussed here.

The Belly Button (Navel) Piercing:

Healing  Time: 6-9 months.

Initial Jewelry: Curved barbell or J-curve.

Gauge: Minimum 14 gauge, sometimes 12 and normal maximum is 10 gauge.

Size: Curved barbell from 3/8 to 1/2 inch.

Most people are extremely surprised at the healing time for belly piercing – it takes longer to heal than any other piercing. The navel piercing is slow to heal due to the lack of blood supply in this region of the body. This extended healing time means that these piercing can be troublesome. They might seem healed but often are not. Home piercing, incorrect cleaning of the wound (improper piercing aftercare), poor quality jewelry, changing the jewelry too soon and the lack of education on piercing are all contributory factors in the healing process.

The most common place to get your belly pierced is through the fold of tissue at the top of the navel – your piercer will assess your navel to make sure it’s suitable and make sure you choose the right jewelry. Not all belly buttons are suitable for piercings – if your navel area is flat, and you don’t have a lip, and you skin is tough you should not pierce your belly button.

The same is true for navel jewelry – not all jewelry is suitable. The sizes and gauges of jewelry are at the top of this post. Don’t be tempted to choose jewelry that’s too skinny. Migration and rejection of the jewelry are more common with  skinny belly rings, especially if the piercing placement is not perfect. I get many mails and comments from girls complaining that their piercer has pierced too little skin (put it too close to the surface) and are afraid as soon as it’s touched it will break the skin. Unfortunately, this does happen sometimes and is made easier by choosing jewelry that’s too skinny.



Belly Piercing – Bar or Ring?

Piercing placement and jewelry style are extremely important decisions when considering getting your belly pierced.

Depending on your shape, the style of jewelry – whether ring or bar – could be the one you must always wear.

Most of the jewelry you will find in shops or online are curved. Curved bars are the preferred option for most. However, if your belly is flat and your navel not too deep, then the bar is best.

If your belly button is deep, a vertical piercing using a ring is possible. Use a ring with a diameter of 7/16 or 1/2 inch. A 3/8 inch ring can be used if you have a perfectly defined, petite, lobe-shaped navel. Your piercer should be able to tell you which is right for you.

A bar should be used if you are only piercing your lower-navel. It is also important to ensure your navel jewelry is ling enough to accomodate any tissue expansion (an extra 1/16 to 1/8 inch is usually adequate).

Whichever is right for you, there are hundreds of choices of belly rings available. The recent explosion in the popularity of belly piercing means you can get almost any style or color in either ring or bar.

Share your piercing advice or stories with others by leaving a comment below.


Teenage Girls With Belly Button Rings

Common scenario; This girl is aged 14 and she really wants to get a belly ring because it’s cool, fashionable, many of her friends have it, and it just looks nice!

However, in many states the law says that before 18, children have to get their parents’ consent before getting a body piercing…

But think about this first – many people choose to PIERCE their children’s EARS while they’re still INFANTS!

Yes, it is nothing uncommon for a 6 month old infant to have their ears pierced – follow this link for more information about baby ear piercing.

And when a girl aged 14 decides to get her navel pierced…isn’t this decision by far more responsible if compared to one made by parents for their child who even can’t speak! Speak to tell them the piercing hurts, or feels sore? How can they know if an infection has started?

OK,  some might say the navel is just the beginning. Then comes the rest of the body, then the girl will get tattoos, start doing drugs etc. etc. But this is rarely the case. It’s a common misconception that piercing are a sign of immaturity or rebellion.

But better we look at this problem from a different angle. The latest trends suggest that belly button piercing has gone mainstream and should not be considered as body modification along with monstrous stretched piercings or facial piercings. Belly rings have become fashion accessories like rings, necklaces, earrings etc.

Look at these celebrities with belly rings.

Read this about belly piercing going mainstream.

And what would you say about diamond belly rings? I think that the very existence of such high-end stuff clearly indicates that not only punks pierce their navels:-). Gem and Crystal Navel Rings are cute and feminine, and look great as a fashion accessory.

To recap all this I’d like to point out another worrying thing. When teenagers are not allowed to get that long wanted belly piercing they sometimes perform self navel piercing. And this is bad. There’s infections and other complications that can and more likely will occur if the piercing isn’t performed by a professional piercer in a studio.

Read this story about self-piercing.

Understand this – I’m not saying – let’s threaten your mom you’re gonna do the piercing yourself. All I’m saying is that although the parents might not completely like the idea of their 13 of 14 year old daughter having their navel pierced, it is worth having it done in a professional manner rather than put the child’s health at risk.

And think about the experience the parents can share with their girls going to the piercing studioread this piercing story!

Join others who have submitted their belly button piercing stories and got them set up on this belly rings guide!

Tell everyone about where and how you got pierced, how you treated your new piercing and where you shop for the belly button rings.

Sharing your experience is invaluable for those considering getting belly piercing and is also really interesting because every single one is unique!

Read and submit the navel piercing stories here and you will actually get a FREE belly ring!

Belly Piercing Procedure – What Should You Expect?

Belly Piercing ProcedureIf you have done your homework to find a professional and licensed piercer with a good reputation, he or she will probably tell you what to expect during the belly piercing procedure.

Still, it helps to do a bit of research and get some information beforehand. Some of us can get pretty nervous just before the actual piercing is done. You do not have to get all worked up in suspense. So here is a quick run-through on the belly piercing procedure.

Once you arrive at the piercer’s, he or she will talk to you and show you the equipment to assure you it is sterile and single use.
Next, they will mark the place where the piercing is going to be done.
Some piercers will use some kind of solution to numb the area so you don’t find it painful.
Now, the clamps are put in place and you will be asked to inhale.
When you exhale, the needle ought to be through.
The next step is to get the barbell through the piercing.
Some piercers will fix a sterile dressing on the piercing so that it does not graze against your clothing.
You will receive aftercare instructions to look after the belly piercing to prevent it from getting infected and to heal quickly!

That is what you can expect from the belly piercing procedure. You are not supposed to touch the piercing except to clean it. Any crust like stuff must be removed carefully. The jewelry must not be removed for at least two to three months to ensure that the piercing heals properly. Also avoid wearing clothing that is tight over the piercing!

Now that you know what a belly piercing procedure involves, you need to bear in mind some important points. Make sure piercer marks the spot to be pierced and uses clamps. Clamps ensure that your piercing is straight. Otherwise, you might end up with a crooked piercing. 😯 The right amount of skin must be pierced because if too little skin is pierced, your belly ring will migrate and that is not fun.

After the belly piercing procedure is done, the piercing can tend to look a bit red. Don’t worry. It is better to tell the piercer if you are allergic to any metal so that you may wear Bioplast, which is body friendly. Most people adjust well to surgical steel and titanium!

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How To Change Belly Ring

Follow these simple steps and you’ll be able to change your belly ring in no time!

Having been waiting for nearly five months(!) Sally(in the pictures!) finally inserted her new gold belly button ring. Yes – navel piercing takes some time to heal. However, it depends on the person – others’ navels heal quickly, like ear piercings. Other piercings take longer to heal, like surface piercings. The amount of skin that the piercing goes through, counts too.

Read on and see how to change belly ring!
First you have to assess if your belly piercing is well healed. Only change the belly ring when you are sure it’s healed! Look at Sally’s navel about two months ago:

The piercing was a bit inflamed – you can see the red crusty edge around the inner hole. At this stage it wouldn’t be wise to change belly button ring. You have to wait till it looks like this:

The skin is well healed, no puss comes out and the piercing isn’t tender to touch.

Remember: you shouldn’t be experiencing any discomfort while touching, rolling or sliding your belly ring along the new hole in your navel!

Prepare the new piercing – screw off the ball, wipe it well with saline solution and put it aside for a while. Now screw off the little ball of your old belly button ring and pull it out gently. Here’s the piercing without the belly ring:

You can see it looks well and shows no sign of irritation or infection.

Now you’re ready to insert your new belly button ring. Take it and insert into the right hole slowly and push it through. If the piercing is well healed, the belly ring will slide through normally and find its way.

This belly ring is a reverse gold belly button ring – it is to be inserted from the top to the bottom. When Sally did it first, she put it the wrong way. It’s not a big deal, but you should do as little damage to your navel piercing as possible and not irritate it with unnecessary actions.

In the case you can’t get it in and it starts to hurt, stop doing it immediately and go back to the piercing studio where you got your navel pierced. The piercer will help you insert the belly ring without damaging the half-healed wound.

So – when you’ve successfully inserted the belly ring, screw the small ball on and – it’s ready! From the front, the navel with the new belly button ring looks like this:

Looks gorgeous, doesn’t it:-)?

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Belly Button Ring Sizes

Internally Threaded 14 Gauge Prong Set Cubic Zirconia 316L Surgical Steel Belly Ring

Internally Threaded 14 Gauge Prong Set Cubic Zirconia 316L Surgical Steel Belly Ring
$ 9.99
Retail Price:
$ 19.99
This particular belly button ring is made of 316 L surgical grade steel but most importantly it’s internally threaded. Advantages of internal threading: Safe in a new belly button piercing; Less traumatic due to the fact your pier …

Glossy Coated Splash Acrylic Ball 316L Surgical Steel Belly Ring

Glossy Coated Splash Acrylic Ball 316L Surgical Steel Belly Ring
$ 2.99
Retail Price:
$ 12.99
This glossy coated splash acrylic ball belly ring is really affordable and comes with the following glossy coated splash acrylic balls: Blue Green Orange Pink Yellow Gauge: the surgical steel shaft of this acrylic splash ball st …

Triple Bubble 316L Surgical Steel Belly Ring with Clear Gems

Triple Bubble 316L Surgical Steel Belly Ring with Clear Gems
$ 7.99
Retail Price:
$ 27.99
This is a very unusual belly button ring – instead of having the traditional top and bottom balls only, it also has additional two smaller 5mm balls attached to the 8mm bottom ball. This belly ring is made of 316L surgical steel which is a stapl …

Heart Dangling Steel Belly Ring with Multiple Tanzanite CZ Gems and Bow

Heart Dangling Steel Belly Ring with Multiple Tanzanite CZ Gems and Bow
$ 11.99
Retail Price:
$ 21.99
If you’re looking to treat yourself with a nice piece of belly jewelry, or maybe you’re looking for a gift for your other half – then look no further! This amazing looking heart belly button navel ring has everything you need – …

Round Green Cubic Zirconia Prong Set 316L Surgical Steel Belly Ring

Round Green Cubic Zirconia Prong Set 316L Surgical Steel Belly Ring
$ 6.99
Retail Price:
$ 16.99
This prong set stainless steel gem belly button ring is made of solid metal and comes adorned with a single green cubic zirconia gem at the bottom of the bar which measures 8mm across and will look amazing when this intricate belly ring is inserted into …

Choose your navel jewelry from wide range of belly button ring sizes – from tiny ones to extra long and thick ones!

A standard sized belly button ring is 1/16″ (1.6mm) thick and 3/8″ (9.5mm) or 7/16″ (11mm) long and the ball sizes are 5mm and 8mm with the largest ball at the bottom of the belly ring.

In fact, this is the difference between bananabells and common curved barbells – the last ones have balls of one size, but bananabells or belly button rings are specially designed for wearing in navels. The biggest ball sits in the middle of the navel and looks spot on!

When you visit body jewelry stores, you’ll see that every store offers different options for choosing the size of navel jewelry you want to buy. Some only indicate the thickness of the shaft in gauges, some will let you choose the length of it, but some allow you to choose the best combo of gauge and length from the drop-down menu. Some won’t say any sizes at all and in that case you have to presume that it’s a standard sized belly ring.

In our belly rings shop the size range is quite big for needs of everyone. Belly ring sizes vary from 16ga to 10ga in diameter and from tiny 1/4″ to 5/8″ in length. If you need even a longer belly ring (say, in case of pregnancy), you should consider buying a PTFE or bioplast belly ring.

Below are the belly button ring sizes – and you can clearly see how thick is a certain gauge belly ring shaft.

Body Jewelry Gauge

They insert standard belly rings at piercing studios and your piercing size is most likely to fit a 14ga thick and 3/8″ long shaft. Just to make yourself sure, measure your navel ring and see if it isn’t longer than 3/8″.

The widest belly button ring sizes range are our belly rings shop – see it yourself. You’re about getting pierced and can’t decide what size piercing to buy? You can buy a navel ring of any gauge and length! Maybe you want the shaft be a bit thicker. Or you want the top end of the ring to emerge out of your skin a bit higher than usually.

Piercer will use the piercing needle of the same gauge and you’ll get the piercing you want. Only thing I’d suggest and I think many piercers would agree – don’t go for extra short shafts. The skin fold might be too thin to fit 1/4″ long belly ring and the piercing can migrate out of the skin – as they sometimes do.

Here’s a very comprehensive body jewelry gauge chart for both metric and US measurement systems:

Body Jewelry Gauge Chart

Want To Buy Belly Rings Online?

Here’s the best online belly jewelry stores reviewed for you!

It’s not that easy to find belly rings on the Internet that are really spot on. You want to buy that, say, gold belly button ring with a dangling scorpion charm but you’re not sure if it’s the best deal!

And what about quality? Is the online store
reliable for belly piercing shopping?

You’d have to spend many hours to understand how to assess it.

I’ve spent days on searching online body jewelry stores and other jewelry merchants, too. I drilled through the belly button rings and other navel jewelry they offered and compared the prices. Eventually I came up with a number of really good merchants.

I spotted a number of things that you can read and use when you’re looking for a good online jewelry store.

Underneath I’ve arranged online outlets which are, in my opinion, outstanding!

The #1 body online jewelry store to buy navel body jewelry is Body Candy.The navel jewelry they offer is at very low prices and the assortment is wide. Dangling belly rings of all imaginable shapes, animals, flowers and gemstones. They have licensed belly button rings like Playboy, Bioplast rings, gold, silver…in other words – nearly everything is there.

In addition, they offer FREE worldwide shipping!!! which is a great deal!

Do you want to know how I decided to

buy piercings at

Just follow the previous link. If you haven’t been shopping around the Internet and would like to get some basic guidelines how to do it, read
Body Candy jewelry shopping guide.

See how easy it is to buy belly rings at Body Candy!

If you want to buy vintage belly rings then is the place you must visit.This online body jewelry store sells top quality body jewelry made in The States – that’s what they’re really proud of! This is the only place on the Net where you can buy body jewelry that is sterile and ready to insert. And a big share of what they sell is internally threaded – the most friendly body jewelry for your piercing. So, if you need a special present or want to have the confidence of possessing a piece of a high quality belly ring – go to!

Another great feature of this online store – body piercing community with forums, pictures and useful aftercare information, too. So this is not only a place for shopping – get info, express your opinion, find friends:-)

Click here for great body jewelry – The best in fresh, hip, bold and trendy body jewellery! This online jewelry store ships from UK, assortment is great and prices are low!

This online jewelry store has a great site navigation – you can choose your belly button ring by many criteria. They also offer internally threaded jewelry and you can buy a mammoth belly rings here – yes! – a real mammoth ivory. By the way – take a look what
belly button ring I bought at Body Jewellery Shop.

No doubt – if you live in UK (in fact, no matter where you live, you should check it out since this body jewelry merchant shops belly rings to US for free if you spend over $20!), visit!

This online jewelry store also has piercing aftercare info, a forum, piercing videos and photo gallery. is one of the biggest online body jewelry stores along with others mentioned above and has a wide range of belly rings.

This online jewelry store caters for those interested in bulk amounts, too. There are two levels available – wholesale and distributor. The first one is for businesses buying for at least $100. Distributor’s level starts at $500 and the prices are really low then!

Along with tons of body jewelry there’s a great piercing community at – piercing stories, pictures, FAQ’s and forums – lots of useful and exciting information! – diamond belly rings.

This online jewelry store sells exclusively diamond body jewelry and navel jewelry makes the biggest part of their assortment.

Unlikely from the previous retailers which are large businesses, this online store is a small business but not of a less quality. I really like the way this website looks, the product information is comprehensive and in addition they offer free shipping, 30 day return guarantee and a free gift box with every piece of jewelry.

And it is the way it should be – the diamond belly rings you’ll find here ain’t cheap at all;-) online jewelry store

When you’re looking for an online jewelry store, there are a few things to remember.

  • Avoid merchants who have non-professional look – flashy and colorful website doesn’t represent a serious, long-term business.
  • Download
    Alexa toolbar

    to see the page’s traffic rank. Smaller rank means more people visit that page and you can be more confident about that online jewelry store. Everything under 100,000 is a very serious business.

  • – Firefox for a better browsing and toolbar for you to see the page rank of the website – trustworthy online stores should have page rank of about 3 at least.
  • The bigger the belly rings merchant is – the less likely you’ll have any troubles with it. But how to assess the size? Simply – open and enter this line:site:

    and hit enter. Google will show you how many pages of the particular domain it has indexed. The more pages – the more piercings the store has and more serious in business it is.

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