i want a belly ring mom

Sent in by Ginger.

It all started when i told my mom i want to get my belly pierced and she said no and so i was determined to get it done i want to be like all the popular girls in school with a belly ring.

i had a small body for it im only 85 pounds and so i looked trough the yellow pages and looking on the internet of how to take care of them and diffrent styles of belly rings and after about 4 monuths of driving my mother crazy she gave in and said ok ill take you but your paying for it and i said ok thats fine

so i was 18 at the time a junior in highschool and i was so excited so we go to this place called body art emporium in louisville ky and i walk in and see this place and was like wow this place is wild ive never been in a tatoo studio before

so i wait and this gentleman come up to me and asked me what i wanted and i told him and he said ok so he brings me back into this really clean room with huge windows were you could watch the traffic go by and he went and got everything ang made me stand up marked me and layed me back and started getting the needle ready then he counted to three and stuck it through i didnt feel it and put a round hoop init and then he said your done told me how to take care of it after about 6 months i changed it out and i have tons of belly rings know and ive had it for 7 years know and i love it !!!!!!!

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Who says you cant be sterile at home?

Sent in by Rachel from Texas.

I’m 15, from a conservitive, christian family. Boring! Ever since I was 12, I wanted a belly button piercing. It wasn’t difficult for me to find out that my parents would never allow me to get one. So I was stuck to wait untill I was 16, as was the law in the state I lived in. But when I was 14, my parents announced we were moving to Texas, where you must be 18 without parental consent. Que sad music!

A year past of living there, and I still wanted my belly button pierced. One of my two best friends had it, and it made me want it even more.

I had been dating a boy for about 7 months. he didn’t want me to pierce it, so I had been putting it off. but when we broke up, that was the first thing I could think of to do. So I got some amazon money, ordered a stainless steel belly ring, forceps, and 50 serrilized 14 gauge needles, and did a whole bunch of research. I learned everything I needed to know, from the procedure, to aftercare, to the possibilities of it coming out and leaving a scar. I wasready by the time my package came.

I marked the points of entry and exit, washed my belly button and hands, put the clamps on, and got the ring ready. but when I tried to put the needle through, it hurt way more than I expected! So I took it out, feeling sad. I waited a few weeks to make sure everything was healed, and I tried again. but this time, I took an asprin an hour before hand. I was succesful! And now I love my belly ring, it healed with no infections, and my parents ended up not caring. I even pierced my other best friends navel for her! I can see myself with a belly ring in even when I’m 40!

Note from Admin: Thanks to Rachel for sending in her story, but I must advise (as I always do) that if you want to get pierced, visit a professional! 

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Scar piercing?

Sent in by Tanairie from NJ
IMG759_fbu-001I have wanted to get my belly pierced since i was 16 years old.

When I was 17 i went to the boardwalk in wildwood, nj and stopped at about every body piercing place there. But every piercer told me that they would not pierce my belly button for me. Why?

Because I have a scar that goes right through my belly button. When i was a baby appendix ruptured and they had to do emergency surgery and did not have time to be neat about the way they opened me up. Well i guess they didn’t think about how it would look as i got older.

I used to hate my scar but i have learned to embrace it. I am now 18 and i went to Atlantic city last summer and found a body piercing place on the boardwalk. I decided to try and see if they would pierce my belly button. I had no idea they would say yes!! I was so excited.

As i walked to the back of the store and sat on the chair, my nerves started to kick in. I was really anxious. I lay back and the piercer was very nice about everything. He told me it would hurt,but i would feel a pinch. And that is exactly what happened. He used to clamps to pinch my skin, and stuck the needle through. Then he put the belly ring in. It was very quick and painless. After, he told me how to clean my piercing and how to prevent infection. It helaed very well in aboit three months. I now find any excuse to show off my piercing!!

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belly piercing

Sent in by Jamie from Cosby.
my name is jamie and i have had my belly pierced for5 months now and i love it,

i love getting bellyrings,my mom and dad didnt mind me getting it done.

so i to a place called darma tatto and got it done i only felt a little pinch thats all.

my three best friends went with me to keep me calm.and they lady talked me thru everything she was doing and in the end she told and showed me how to clean it and how to take care of it and how long to wait til i cud change it, they were very nice and helpful,

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A way of honoring Parvathi, the Hindu Goddess of marriage.

Sent in by Megan from Lebanon.
I suppose there are a plethora of reasons why people get pierced wether it be to feel more attractive, to simply wear more jewelry, a rite of passage, to express one’s self or to create a physical sensation. I like the way it looks.

In many ways I feel like I am becoming more myself as I release that which no longer serves me. I’m also fond of Indian culture so I was inspired to do some research.

Apparently, the left nostril is the preferred position for the piercing as Ayurvedic medicine associates this location with the female reproductive organs. It is supposed to make childbirth easier. Then again, the left side is preferable in North India and the right side is pierced in South India.

The nose ring is also considered a sign of marriage and is an important part of traditional bridal jewelry. Also in to the Hindu religion, piercing of the nose is considered a way of honoring Parvathi, the Hindu Goddess of marriage.

I lost 75 lbs and thought personally that it would help me
feel more cofident!

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The first one!

Sent in by Janice, from New Orleans
My story starts when I was 14 years old. I was never really interested in having my nose pierced until I noticed one day that this girl had one, and I thought it was really cute. After I saw it, I decided to do some research, and I knew that I needed to get one. So what did I do to get it?

First I asked my mommy dearest, but got the usual no. I tried for about 3 months to convince her, but I lost. I gave up on that option and decided to do it myself. How did I do it myself, you ask? Simple question, really.
I first bought a straight nose stud, NOT THE SPIRAL ONE. Then I looked around my house for something sharp to poke through my nose. I eventually found a sewing needle. My materials gathered, I shut myself in my room, facing my mirror. Now came the hard part. I found the spot I wanted it to be and I proceeded to insert the needle.

This part was the most painful thing I had done in my life up to this point. I decided then to just go as fast as I could, and half an hour later, I finally hada hole in my nose. After this I had to force the stud to go through my nose because I used a needle too small.

The day after I did it my mom found out and was telling me it would get infected and that I was stupid. Thankfully it didn’t get infected and I still love it as much as I did when I did it. The only thing I can really say from this experience is that yes, it was very stupid and childish. I would recommend not doing it yourself.

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belly piercing story

Maria’s Belly Piercing Story
I got mine pierced when I was fourteen.

The clamp that they use actually hurts more than the piercing itself – so you have nothing to worry about in regards to the pain. It’s over within twenty seconds. If you take proper care of your piercing, it should not get infected.

I recommend washing it daily with salt and water that has once been boiling hot water, but cooled down (this is to get rid of germs/bacteria etc). Try not to touch your piercing unless you really have to, but make sure your hands are clean first.

They say to wait at least 4-6 weeks before changing your piercing. I waited 8 weeks to change mine because I didn’t think it had healed well enough, but it’s totally up to you. If it’s still red, you know you should wait a little longer. Don’t stress if it’s not healed by that time, everyone’s own body is different and it can take up to one and a half years for it to fully heal.

Try to avoid swimming for a couple of months (showers/baths are fine). If you cant avoid it, make sre you wear a waterproof bandage over your piercing. Not bandaids, as they stick to the piercing and hurt when you pull it off.

This also goes for when you play sport, because you don’t want sweat to get into the piercing – leading to an infection. Wear a bandage or something to protect it & try not to knock it as this can cause aggravation.

Changing the ring doesn’t hurt a bit, but if you’re worried, ask a friend or family memeber who has there’s done to help you.

I’m really happy with mine, it looks great! & now I love to wear bikinis, because I have a chance to show it off without feeling self-conscious. 🙂

My Naval Percing

By Elizabeth from Texas
picture002_fbuHi my names Elizabeth, I got my Belly button periced about a year ago. My sister had done it in the bathroom at my other sisters old house on mothers day. I was pinned up agains the wall in the most okwardest position ever while my sister shiloh was on her knees with the hallow needle trying to jam it into my belly button. It hurt bad and when she finally got it through it was slightly crooked. She put cotton balls on both ends and pulled my shirt down. I had to walk out in pain infront of my family which they didnt know I had just pierced my belly button and was forced to do some heavy lifting which hurt bad. The piercing hurt about a 9 between 1-10. My sister pulled me back into ber room and jamed the ring through. She had told me all the wrong ways to clean it lke getting in clorine pulls helped and clean it with alcohol every day and to play with it constantly. I was shocked that the many times it tried to get infected that I saved it from it. A few days after I was changing my shirt and y mom walked in to put some clothes away and saw it. She threatened to take it out but she found out that it could get badly infected if she did that. I was grounded for months and wasn’t aloud to see my sister. She kept telling my mom I did it not her and then said I forced her to do it. Then she said she thought my mom knew and was okay with it when she really wasn’t. We didn’t talk for months and it was really depressing. Today my piercings doing fine, A lil crooked but its good. It’s healed and im really happy with it. Soon maybe today I might be getting my septum done by a new friend. Hope everything goes well. Thanks for letting me share my story. I’ll leave one for my septum as well. Over all the I want my hips, septum, tongue, eyebrow, angels, and monroe done. See ya c:


Disclaimer: At Belly Rings Guide, we do not encourage home piercings! Piercings should always be carried out by experienced professionals in a sterile environment. Thanks for reading…


By Elizabeth from York.
belly_fbuAfter many years of being affaird of gettin my belly done I finially got it done I was scared but I did it. I actually got it done twice the first time the gu didn’t pierce it right so after it heal i got it done again and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I did what the guy told me to do on how to care for it and i didnt have no problems know almost a year had went by im rockin my belly with my name on it. Know that I got my belly done I just had to get my nose done I was a little more nervesous bout gettin that done but since I really wanted it done I had to but on my brave face & do it. Its been a couple of weeks since I got it done but I must say that I LOVE THIS TO!!!!!!!!!!.

I was readin some of the stories I saw that all the girls on here had a touchin problem and when u touch it, it causes irriation to the skin and nose itself so what I was told was NOT to TOUCH it except to clean it then LEAVE IT ALONE otherwise if keep touchin it then ur gonna have irriation & reddness. I was alse told if ur ose ring was uncomfortable I was to clean my hands real good & ONLY MOVE the INSIDE of the nose ring & leave it alone.

If ur still havin problems with it I suggest that u go back to the place u got it done and/or go to ur family doctor. Summer time is almost here ladies & it is time to show off that that sexy belly and piercin…………………HAPPY PIERCING 🙂


By Deea from Australia.
Photo on 17-04-13 at 6.14 PM_fbuFor the best part of 10 years I have been thinking of getting a piercing (other than my earlobes…where I have 2 in each lobe). Today at 27 I decided it was now or never, better to regret something you’ve done then something you haven’t.

I went to the mall where they piercing studio was…and did some serious procrastination shopping. I eventually made it round to the shop. I got the guts to walk in and ask…and was told the piercer was at lunch and I could either stay for or come back in 20 minutes. The chicken in me said I would come back. After some more shopping I put my big girl panties on and went back.
The piercer was lovely, we did forms, checked ids and finally made it out the back. She asked me to choose a material then a barbell. I chose a rather lovely titanium barbell with purple jewels in the top and bottom. The she dotted me up and got me to lay down. The clamp came next…didn’t hurt, I have pinched myself harder than the clamp felt. Then for the needle. By this stage I opte for the eyes closed…deep ‘don’t freak out’ breathing. The needle went in…it felt just the same as the needle you get giving blood. Putting the jewellery in was uncomfortable but quick.

Its been three or so hours since and I must have looked at my belly at least 20 times. It looks amazing, makes me forget about the key hole scar and the lack of six pack muscles. It doesn’t hurt but bending side ways gives me a twinge. If your thinking about it go for it…only wish I did it 10 years ago.