Hubby Don’t Like It !! lol

By Charlene Hinton, Wales, UK

Belly Piercing Story

I’m a mum and have 5 kids. Last year I lost 4 st in weight and had a tummy tuck in Nov 08. I’ve always wanted to have my belly button pierced but always hated my tummy 🙁

While out shopping for new school shoes for my daughter I seen a sign for body piercing so i went in and explained that i had a tummy tuck 6 months ago and that the surgeon moved my belly button to a new place . He said that he could pierce my bb for me, so I paid the £20 and choose the belly bar, he then told me to come back in 20 mins as he had to sterilize the bar for me.

I was a bit nervous when I walked back to the shop later , but also really excited, he sprayed some cold numbing stuff on it and clamped it and I didn’t feel a thing , and it was done i was shocked at how quick it was over! 🙂

I think the reason it never hurt at all was I might still be numb from the op. I then walked to my car and rang hubby he! he! My hubby thought I was mad and said i was going through a mid life crisis, whatever, I love it and its healed ok!

I’ve got a small glass dish what i put sea salt in and boiled water and lay on the sofa with the glass dish turned upside down, and its healed ok so far.

It was 3 weeks ago and I feel wicked and really happy, but hubby’s not! It’s not his belly though, is it? :-))

“Ohh sexy belly!”

By Susannah Simon, New York, NY

Belly Button Piercing Story

I’d wanted to get my belly button pierced for a while and I heard it took a long time to heal. So I got it done in January so I’d be ready for summer. 🙂

I went downtown with about 6 of my friends. Two of them had agreed to do it with me so we could all have them together. We got downtown and scouted out some places but none of them seemed quite right.

Finally we found a place that seemed clean and the people were actually nice. The man piercing was a very quirky asian guy who made me feel much less nervous about the whole prosses. He kept saying “Ohhh yess you need sexy color, sexy color.”

Which probablly sound creepy but it was actually really funny. I volenteered to go first because all my friends were too afraid and I have the highest pain tolerence out of all of them. The guy showed me a box of all the different belly button colors and I picked a purple one and lowered myself into the chair. 😐

With my head back I closed my eyes but was tempted to open them one last time, and I couldn’t help but laugh. The very small piercing room was packed with teenage girls all trying to look over the guy trying to do his job, and two of them video taping already.

The guy got out what looked like a pair of cooking tongs and suddenly i didn’t feel like laughing anymore. My frienf Steph took my hand and told my to squeeze as soone as I felt pain. I closed my eyes and braced myself. I felt the cold mettle clamps grab a hold of the upper part of my belly button. 😯

And then the guy slapped my belly with his gloved hand and went “Ohh sexy belly! You look now!” And I sat up a little confused. It was done already? I hadnt even felt more than a tiny pinch! 😆

But I looked and there it was. A tiny, sparkling purple gem in my belly button. It was perfect! I loved it! I couldn’t believe I hadnt gotten it sooner!

The man procceded to instruct me in broken english how to clean it with anti-bacterial soap after the first week, and to leave it in for four to six months. Since I’m a vey fast healer I took it out and replaced it around Easter just under four months.

It healed fine and is one of my favorite things about my body today. I love it! I recommend if you want it, but just make sure you go to a good place, and everything is cleaned and certified etc.!

The Perfect Pierce!

By Marie Uvalle, Havelock, US

Belly Piercing Story

Scared, terrified, everything imaginable! 😯

I had wanted to pierce my belly button for as long as I could remember! The first time I saw one was in high school and I had wanted one since then. I was so scared to get one due to all the terrible stories my friends had told me about their experiences with getting it done.

“It hurts, it bleeds like crazy, it can get ripped out, etc.” I finally sucked it up and got it done 8 days ago. I would do it again in a heart beat. 😉

Best thing I ever did for myself, I was so proud I finally just went and did it. I got to the shop, they prepped for it, and I went back in the room. I was shaking, both nervous and excited. They told me to lean back, so I did and closed my eyes. He started to count and he did it on 2 and not 3 so I didn’t anticipate the actually minute he was going to put it through.

The needle didn’t hurt at all! He then slid the bar in and tightened the balls on the ends. He gave me a mirror and I thought, “Gorgeous!” I finaly had what I wanted for so long. When he was finished, he told what I could and couldn’t do and for how long. He then gave me a bottle of H2Ocean and that has been awesome!

The past 8 days it has not gotten infected, hurt or bled. It is faintly sore when I sit for a long time just because it readjusts when I stand up. So I would surely go do it again! I love it and it’s just perfect! I don’t have any jewelry for it yet, but I want all the pink ones I can find for it!

I can’t wait for it to finally heal and I can start switching it out with fun jewelry! I have fallen in love with the bright colored ones, glittery ones, and I have even seen the “Bioplast” ones that are bright and flexible. I’m not sure on how those are in the skin, but I haven’t seen any bad reviews on them either.

I am anxious to start building my collection up and showing off my piercing at the beach.

My advice to anyone wanting to get this done:

Go and get it done! Don’t wait years like I did, it does not hurt at all!

I thought my 3rd hole in my ears hurt lots worse. Go get it done and enjoy it! 😉

Getting My Belly Pierced!

By Tamara Flagg, Tallahassee, Florida

Navel Piercing Story

My best friend and I decided to get our belly pierced the summer of 2009, but my parents wasn’t going to let me. So I came up with the best plan ever, I waited to my sixteenth birthday to ask, because they couldn’t say no, not on my birthday. 😈

My mother and I was riding around looking for the perfect place to get my belly pierced. We stop at one place, I forgot the name but it was a lot of people with a lot of piercings, but every body was nice, but I didn’t get it done there cause they cost a lot.

We went to this other place, and my mom was like, “ok I’m about to get my lip done so we can have something together”. But she punked out on me.

The lady who did my belly was very nice. She told me what she was going to do and how it felt. She answered all my questions without ant problems. She was really good at her job. She made sure hand stayed clean the whole time.

When I told her what i wanted she took me to this room. She said, “do you want to stand or lay down”. I was like, “lay down”. But I didn’t have to lay down yet. She cleaned my belly, then she marked it with this pen to see where it would be.

She asked me was that fine. I said,”Yes”. I was extremely nervous when I laid down…  She was holding my belly together where it needed to be, then seconds later I felt it. It didn’t hurt like i thought I would. It felt better than an ear pierced.

Then she told me to get up slowly so I wouldn’t faint. I looked in the mirror it was beautiful! She told me to spray some Bactine on at least three times a day. When I take a bath clean it and pull it up and down, and change it until it heals, which would take 6 months to a year.

My belly pierced took five months to it heal. When it healed I put a dangly belly button ring in. It looks just like the girls in the TV! 🙂

I Finally Did It!

By Brandey Stone, Salt Lake City

Navel Piercing Story

Well to start off I’ll give you a little information about myself. My name is Brandey and as of now I have five piercings.

Four in my ears for each of my sibs and obviously my belly button too  =) I had been really debating on doing it since I was about  12 and I didnt get it until just after Valentines this year.

I’m almost 19 pretty pathetic it took so long! 😕 So the day I got it done it was right before I decided to go to work. I thought it was going to be alot worse than the actually peircing was.

I built myself up and when she did I just laughed at how I was so scared of the pain. It did hurt but not half as bad as everyone was making it sound!

I love it though…it took some getting use to but now I’m to the point where I can almost change it and Im pretty excited about that. Overall I’m completely satisfied with my belly button ring and would recommend doing it if your considering it! 😉

Taking The Plunge

My name is Melissa and I am 24 years old, and I recently got my navel pierced – three weeks ago, to be exact. How I came to actually doing it was rather funny! 😆

Navel Piercing Experience

I’m a student in Ukraine and about a month back, I found out by accident that my classmate had a belly piercing. There was only one other person I knew that had one, so I was obviously curious about the process. She explained everything to me and my boyfriend got worried that I was really going to get one as well! At that point in time, I was merely interested, but I got thinking about it and was teetering on the edge about whether I wanted a navel piercing.

Being the obsessive person I am, I scoured the Internet for articles on piercings and did ample research on the process, complications, healing procedures and different types of belly rings. I got freaked out and completely paranoid about keloids, rejection, migration and infections 😯 but once I got over them, I decided to do it. 😉

My boyfriend didn’t want to come with me because he wanted to be surprised and my friend couldn’t follow because she had other things to do. I went on my own to the piercing parlour that I had previously visited to ensure that everything was clean – the same one that many of my friends went to and handed the piercer a belly ring that I had bought prior to the first visit.

She made me lie down and I insisted on seeing her open the sterile packaging in front of me and she did exactly that. Although she didn’t use gloves, she washed her hands with soap and I think she rinsed with alcohol as well. I can’t exactly remember. After applying some cream on my belly and she marked the spot with a pen and clamped my abdomen. The needle went through and in a moment, the belly ring was in place. And it was done! She brought me a mirror so I could look at it while she wrote out the things I needed to buy and what I would have to do to clean it.

I didn’t use hydrogen peroxide as was told by the piercer so I soaked the piercing with saline twice a day. I used to clean it with antibacterial soap as well, but I found it was doing more harm than good because it irritated the piercing and it killed the good bacteria along with the bad. At one point I also soaked it with an antiseptic solution but I also stopped that. Now it’s just plain saline solution twice a day. It’s healing nicely and I’ve had no problems, although I had a bad dream one night about the piercing getting rejected! 😮

So now, I’m taking good care of it and I can’t wait for it to heal completely so I can change the belly ring. I’ve gone through many online shops and my wish list has grown so long – about 90% of the items are belly rings!

None of my family know about it back home and it makes me wonder how my mother will react when she finds out!

Last week I sent a photo of my navel piercing to a friend of mine who’s in Malaysia and he was so surprised!! He then said that I had mentioned to him before that I wanted my navel pierced, probably about 4-5 years ago. Funny thing is, I don’t remember telling him that… or ever wanting it before! 😆

A Hole In One

By Lindsey, Jacksonville, Florida, US

Belly Button Piercing Story

Since about the 9th grade I have wanted a lip piercing but my parents absolutely hate them and really any other facial piercings. Well, this year I’m a senior in high school and thought about just doing it cuz hey I’m 18 ya know 😆

Well, I mentioned it and my mom said if I did she would not pay for my car insurance and phone bill and I would have to start paying rent.

Well, I wanted my lip done but shoot I’m not that dumb 😕

So finally one day she was talking to my neighbor and piercings came up and she said to my utter shock and awe that she wouldn’t mind me getting a belly piercing! 😯

Shoot i was so excited I jumped on that and it was agreed if I passed my math class she would pay for half of my piercing.

Well, that week I passed that class cuz I was taking it on the Net. So I go in to get it done at this really nice guy’s tattoo place he happened to know my boss at the jewelry store so he gave me a hella of a deal. 😀

So now I have my belly done and as soon as I can switch them my boss will make me a custom belly ring that I get to design ha ha ha. I’m soooo happy! 😛

3 In A Row

By Jade, England, Cornwall

Navel Piercing Experience

I’d been wanting to get my belly button pierced for years yet my parents kept saying no, then one day i was having my bf and best friend round to stay when they mentioned that they wanted to go down to town and get their lips pierced.

So i asked my parents again if i could get my belly pierced and the said yes 🙂 i was well pleased. And to make it better my dad paid for it!

So we went down town to a place called Sneaky Peanut. We knew the piercer in there quite well so we knew he was good. My bf went and got his piercing first, he signed the papers paid for the piercings and sat down on the chair. He ended up getting snake bites, but he had only planned on getting one side done to begin with.

Once his piercings were done we decided to go and get a smoothie and some food before i went to get mine. We went back about 30mins later and i went to get my belly pierced.

I signed all of the papers, choose the bar i wanted, pink diamond one, and lay down on the bed. The piercer was chatting to me whilst he clamped and pierced my stomach, it was painless and was over before i knew it!

About an hour later we went back in again whilst my friend got her snake bites done (she wanted her bf there so we had to wait). Between us we ended up spending about £100 on our piercings but it was worth it.

It’s been about 8 months now since i got the piercing and its healed great. I had a few problems to begin with but everything is fine now 🙂

My Disappearing Belly Bar

By Cassie Willcox, Tasmania, Australia

Belly Piercing Experience

I decided to get a belly button ring only a few weeks ago at the ripe age of 25 – it was a bit out of the blue but I decided to go for it after I saw my friend selling some funky body jewellery.  I thought it would be great if I could wear one of those little bars with the dangly jewel covered apple hanging off it… and that’s where it started! 🙂

“Why can’t I?”  I thought. So I asked around some of my friends who have their belly buttons pierced, and found out about their experiences.  One friend said it didn’t hurt at all, another said that she needed 3 people to hold her down on the bench…  “Interesting!”  I thought!  However I wasn’t deterred… I had a salon recommended to me and I booked an appointment.

The place was very clean, and the people were friendly.  After my friends warning about needing 3 people to hold her down, I was a bit concerned about the pain factor; so I wore a numbing patch for an hour before I went in which a nursing friend had ‘borrowed’ for me.  I had to fill in a form of yes and no questions, such as ‘has your piercer explained possible risks to you?’ which at this point she hadn’t… but I ticked yes anyway.

I was shown into a clean room with a bed to lie on, and the girl explained how the piercing was done.  As far as the equipment went, everything was sealed and disposable. After lying down on the bed, the piercer marked the spot it would go through, clamped it, pierced it and screwed on the ball. I didn’t know if it was because of the numbing patch, but I didn’t feel any pain, just the movement of the clamp and the needle.  She told me to clean it with Ear Care 3 times a day, or preferably a rock salt wash.

It was when I stood up that the interesting thing happened…  The bottom part of the bar disappeared like it had never been there at all! 😯 What was wrong was that my belly button is quite deep… it flattens out when I lay on my back, and pulls in when I stand up.  So the piercing was too low for the bottom part of the bar to be seen, it disappeared horizontally into the depths of my navel. I was horrified! 😯

The piercer and I stared at each other in horror… apparently she hadn’t been expecting it either.  “What can I do?” I asked her.  She replied that there was nothing which could be done because she didn’t feel comfortable piercing any higher up than she had done, and that I would just have to wear a ring – not a bar which I had hoped – or find a really long pregnancy bar.  I think I was in disappointed shock and didn’t argue – I paid my money and left the shop. 😕

I spent a sleepless night poking it, prodding it, and looking at it from every angle… it just wasn’t right, and I didn’t feel I could be happy with it; not only because it looked funny, but because I didn’t think I should be one of the few to not be able to wear any bar that I see in the shop and have to specially find.

So the next day I rang the salon and spoke to the girl again to tell her I wasn’t happy with it, and ask again what could be done.  She was very nice about the whole thing, and told me to come back down and talk to the senior piercer which I did.  The senior piercer advised me that she could pierce higher up so it would look normal, which made me very happy! 🙂

As the first piercing and bar had only been in for about 18 hours, she took it out and said that it wouldn’t leave a mark once it was healed, and made an appointment for 2 weeks time to allow the first piercing to disappear.  I was so excited to have it done again that the 2 weeks seemed to take forever!  Finally it came time for my appointment, and I was shown straight in – no paperwork this time, just pick out a bar sealed in a sterile package and go inside.;-)

The piercer who did it the first time was there to watch how the other lady did it.  The senior piercer marked my skin while I was standing up this time (so that my belly button was in its normal resting state!) ❗ and checked I was happy with the positioning – which I was.  I had no numbing patch this time so I had to be brave!

Then it was straight through with the needle, put the ball on the bar, and done again – this time in the right spot.  I did feel a little bit of soreness when they were putting the needle through the top of the piercing – the skin was a bit thicker there.  But honestly, I have felt more pain banging my knee on cupboards – it was nothing to worry about.  I nervously stood up and was relieved to see that it was completely visible this time!  I left with a big smile after only 3 minutes. 😀

After doing a bit of reading, I have realised that many of the suggested guidelines for a recommended piercer were not met.  Nothing about the process or risks was explained to me before I signed the form, and the explanation of aftercare was very basic. I’m not sure whether piercers usually mark the site and then get the person to stand up and have a look, or whether everybody is just marked while they are lying down – if this is the case then perhaps it should be done differently to avoid my problem of the disappearing belly bar!

I expected at least a sheet of paper explaining how to make a salt bath, and how long to leave it to heal… which was only mentioned in passing.  In fact, the second time I got two different answers to that one, the first lady said 3 months and the second lady said 6 weeks!  But despite all this, I was generally happy with the service I received – everything was clean, the people were nice, and didn’t react badly when I rang up to complain.

It has now been 1 week since I was re-pierced.  I am salt soaking it 2 – 3 times a day, and although it is early days, I think it will be okay.  There is no redness, bleeding or crust to speak of, and it isn’t overly sore – only if I accidently bump it.  The more I read about aftercare, the more confused I get… every website and everybody I talk to has different advice on what to clean it with and how often.

The one product everybody seems to agree on though is sea salt soaking.  So here’s to my belly button piercing, and fingers crossed it doesn’t get infected, because I don’t think I would bother getting it done a third time! 🙂