Elegant Diamond Belly Button Jewelry for Special Occasions

This photo is a perfect example of how classy and elegant diamond belly button jewelry looks!

Stunning Diamond Belly Jewelry

Your true nature may be rebellious and you may be wearing some crazy and controversial road sign belly button rings, for example, but when you attend a special occasion that requires you to wear elegant clothing, you always have the chance to insert a beautiful piece of diamond navel jewelry!

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Other materials in Diamond Belly Jewelry

It’s important to know what materials the Diamond Belly Jewelry that you wear is made from. Manufacturers use many different materials and not every type will agree with your body chemistry. You need to know a little about each material so you can find the one that will work best for you.

• Stainless steel jewelry may have even a miniscule amount of nickel in it. For people with sensitive skin this can be a problem. 316L and 316LVM are the only stainless steels that are suitable for belly jewelry. Even these, unfortunately, do include trace amounts of nickel. Stainless steel is not used in the manufacture of Diamond Belly Rings.
• For those who like the look of stainless steel but cannot tolerate the nickel properties there are similar metals that can be used that do not have any nickel in them such as Titanium or Niobium. White Gold is probably the most common alternative. But beware, white gold usually contains traces of nickel too.
• Only 24 karat gold is 100% gold. 18 karat gold is 75% gold and 14 karat gold is nearly 60% gold. Anything else is gold plated and should not be used for Diamond Belly Jewelry because it is very thin and wears easily. If you see Diamond Body Jewelry sold with lesser quality gold, it would be best to avoid it. For new piercings you should always consider no less than 14 karat gold.
• In gold there are many other metals such as copper, zinc, nickel, and silver. White gold has more nickel in it than yellow gold does. Nickel free alloys are now being more commonly used.
• Titanium is sometimes used for Diamond Belly Jewelry. This is because it is very lightweight. Titanium is composed of aluminum, vanadium, and titanium. Titanium can weather body fluids better than any other materials used to make Diamond Belly Jewelry.
• Nobium is weightier than stainless steel and generally does not cause any chemical reactions.
• Sterling silver is mainly composed of silver but also contains a small amount of another type of metal such as copper. This is a good choice to wear in body piercings IF they are already fully healed. They are not a good choice for genital or mouth piercings because these areas are moist and silver tends to tarnish under these conditions.
• Platinum is a very wise choice for Diamond Belly Jewelry. Platinum is durable, strong and is known to cause less infections than other materials.

The best material to buy is usually gold. Diamond Belly Piercings should only use the best quality gold since low grades of gold can also cause the skin to break out. If you plan to use a lower grade of gold you should do so when your piercing has already completely healed. There are also a lot of styles and designs that you can choose from so it is a good idea to know a little about the various jewelry metals that are used before buying.

There is quite a bit more to enjoying a Diamond Belly Piercing than just buying a piece of jewelry that looks attractive. Piercings can be enjoyed over your lifetime if you know how to buy the correct jewelry for your piercing. This will also help to eliminate some of the frustration that can come with not knowing and that leads to an eventual closing.

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The Four C’s of Diamonds

The diamond industry categorizes diamonds. This is otherwise known as grading them. The best way to learn about diamonds is to understand how diamonds are professionally graded using the four c’s.

Be aware that these factors are less important when choosing a Diamond Belly Ring due to the size of the diamonds in body jewelry. Diamond Belly Rings are affordable for this reason. The price of Diamond Belly Rings generally reflects the diamond carat – carat and cut are the most important factors when choosing a Diamond Belly Ring.

All Diamond Belly Rings on Belly Button Rings Guide are manufactured to the highest possible standards, using a minimum of 14k gold in our processes.

Before choosing which Diamond Belly Ring is right for you, check out our short guide to the 4 c’s of Diamonds……


  • Cut
  • Clarity
  • Color
  • Carat


While this may seem a bit complicated at first, these are really questions that anyone buying a diamond would ask. Of course you would ask how many carats a diamond is or its carat weight. You would ask about the cut to see if it is pear shaped, princess, or round shaped, etc. So, keep these things in mind.



The cut of a diamond is probably the biggest priority because it can affect the quality of the diamond itself. The cut can actually affect the other three c’s tremendously. It doesn’t matter if you have good color and clarity if the cut is not good. The cut is the size that the diamond is cut in and includes the width and the depth plus the overall uniform look of the diamond. Simply put, diamonds that are not cut well will not have that sparkle to them. Look for a diamond cut that is between 53% to 64% of the width. Always buy a diamond that is GIA certified.



There are very very few diamonds that can be classified as flawless. Most diamonds have flaws that occur naturally when the diamond is forming. How well you can see the flaws, how many there are, and the size of the flaws is referred to as the clarity of the diamond. Diamonds that have the least flaws are more radiant and worth more money. There are inclusions and blemishes when you talk in terms of flaws in diamonds. Inclusions are on the inside of the diamond and blemishes are on the outside of it. An inclusion can be an air bubble or a crack whereas a blemish is a chip or a scratch.



A clear diamond holds the most value. This is because it is more radiant and it sparkles more. Unfortunately, most diamonds are not clear so the closer the color is to clear the more it is valued. The lighter the diamond is in color the more light is allowed to pass through making it even more remarkable. To determine the color of a diamond a scale is used from GIA. A colorless diamond would have a D rating and one that has a yellowish hue to it would be a Z. Diamonds that fall from D to F on this scale are the most expensive and also the rarest. Keep in mind that most of the color is not visible to anyone that is not trained in the field.



The carat is the weight of the diamond. The carat will also determine the value of the diamond. 200 milligrams equals one carat. You may see the word carat also spelled as karat. Karat with a K is used in gold purity.


Diamonds are treasured gems. The industry has to have some type of grading system and the 4 c’s as part of the International Diamond Grading System is the one that is used to evaluate diamonds today.




Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend…

Diamonds have always been referenced as a Girl’s Best Friend because diamonds are the symbol of everlasting love. They are also the most exquisite stones in the world. The word diamond is derived from the Greek word, Adamas, which means invincible. While wearing diamonds can be traced back to the very earliest times it was mainly worn by royalty. These diamonds were rough cut and not at all like the quality cuts known today. It has only been the last century or so where diamond jewelry has been more available in different varieties.


History of Body Piercings


Today, one of the diamond vogues is wearing diamond body piercings, especially Diamond Belly Button Rings. This is a way that many people express themselves. An interesting fact is that belly button piercings can be traced back to times of Egyptian Pharaohs. Now it is just as popular for anyone to have a naval piercing, celebrities and non-celebrities alike. Since this is a growing trend, many celebrities love to show off their naval piercings.


Celebrities that Endorse Navel Piercings


Big names like Jessica Alba, Beyoncé Knowles, Paris Hilton, Janet Jackson, and Lindsay Lohan all have been photographed wearing diamonds in their navels. Celebrities set the current trends and people wait to see what the stars are doing before they do it so they know what is most popular. Not much looks hotter than a short top and a glistening diamond in the navel. The best news is that women do not have to have celebrity status to enjoy the same look.


Why Women Adore Diamonds


Diamonds have always seemed to dazzle women and have had the ability to sweep most women right off of their feet. Women dream of that breath taking diamond ring that they will one day wear on their wedding. Every woman wants to own at least one stunning diamond in her lifetime. Diamonds offer a sense of mysteriousness. One of the things that women seem to love most about diamonds is that they are so costly and luxurious. As a matter of fact, women more than love diamonds, they crave them. When women see a new diamond on another women they are awed and immediately ask what size the diamond is. This may be a subconscious way to tally up a mental cost to place on the precious stone or a way to see how much she is thought of as a person.


Belly Piercing Styles


There are a variety of different belly button piercing styles today but three are the most prominent. Naval piercings are usually in the upper fold of the belly button, below the belly button, or on the sides of the belly button. Many women get their navels pierced specifically because they have explored the possibilities of gorgeous diamond belly rings that are available. Let’s face it; diamond belly rings in a navel are very sexy and look very feminine.


Diamonds are one of the very few things that have never lost their popularity throughout the years. Even though the numbers of places where you can put the diamonds keeps changing with various piercing trends, diamonds are still the chosen stone to buy and wear.

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Caring for your Diamond Belly Jewelry: 6 Tips on Doing it Right

Precious stones are called precious for a reason! They cost a lot more than normal body jewelry!! And diamonds are the most precious of all stones. This means that caring for your diamond belly jewelry is very important. One of the best things about diamonds is the eye catching sparkle that they offer. To keep them sparkling you have to make sure that your diamond is free of dirt, chips, and scratches. These things will surely take away from the luster of your diamond. Diamond belly jewelry will last forever with the proper care so it is important to know how to properly care for your diamonds.


  • Always store your diamond belly rings individually. Because diamonds are so hard they can easily scratch one and other. Store them in a jewelry box that has separate fabric liners or even in the box that they came in.


  • When you are doing certain chores or work you might want to take off  diamond jewelry. There is always a chance that you could scratch or chip your diamond. It is even possible that the setting could loosen and the stone could fall out.


  • When you are using abrasive cleaners such as bleach or other abrasive chemicals remove your diamonds too.  Some cleaners can discolor your diamond. If your diamond belly jewelry is covered, this shouldn’t be a problem!


  • Your diamond belly jewelry should be cleaned on a regular basis. It is fine to use a simple mild soap and water solution or a commercial jewelry cleaner. Let your diamonds soak for a while and then use a gentle brush (a toothbrush works well) to remove any dirt. Rinse your diamond with clear water. Some people prefer to use a solution of half water and half ammonia.


  • It is a good idea to have your diamond belly jewelry cleaned by a professional once or twice a year. This is also a good time for the professionals to repair any loose settings or prongs too.


  • Take a few minutes each week or so to thoroughly inspect your diamond belly jewelry and their settings. Settings can loosen periodically and a simple check can stop any costly problems later on.


Depending on where you wear your diamond you have to consider that rings get full of all types of gunk from hair care products, various lotions, and even from everyday household cleaning. Films develop and can take away the luster your diamond once had. Diamond earrings often take a lot of abuse too from hairspray, gels, and mousse. Necklaces and body jewelry don’t take as much abuse but do get more dirt on them than you might expect. These things will make your diamonds look very dull and they just will not stand out and glisten like they once did.


All you have to do is remember that diamonds will make you very proud if you just care for them. Toss them gently into the cleaner that you have selected and let them soak overnight. By morning they will look shiny and new. Remember to examine them periodically and make sure nothing is loose. Also, understand how to store and care for your diamonds when you are not wearing them so they don’t get scratched. Following these tips will ensure that you have beautiful diamonds that will last a lifetime.

Diamond Belly Button Rings – A Trend to Suit Everyone!

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As time has gone on, belly button piercings have really changed and no longer are they considered to be a punk only trend. These days you can purchase a large variety of belly rings and diamond belly button rings are particularly popular.

Available in a wide range of colours and styles, diamond belly button rings have really changed the way that women see piercings. They are now considered to be sexy, fashionable and feminine. Diamond belly rings really have helped to shape the industry and here you will find out why!

Why Are Diamond Belly Rings so Popular?

Diamond belly rings are considered to be one of the best types of rings around because of their quality. All diamond jewellery is considered to be beautiful, eye catching and made to a high standard.  When a woman wears diamonds she automatically feels sexy because of the image that they create. So it makes sense that diamond belly rings have soared in popularity since they were created.

Diamonds are extremely hard and so that makes them difficult to break. That is why they are considered to be high quality. Many people are under the illusion that diamonds are quite rare and so that is another reason why diamond jewellery is so popular. However, rubies are the rarest gems to find and diamonds may not be extremely common, but they aren’t as rare as you might imagine them to be.

It is not uncommon for diamond belly button rings to be given to women as a gift. Diamonds symbolise romance and so diamond belly rings make an excellent gift for those that you love. They have been cleverly marketed and in the minds of many people, diamond jewellery is one type of jewellery that you should never be without. It has a lot of emotional power linked to the gem and so it will always remain to be popular.

Of course there are people who simply like diamonds just because they look good. There is no denying that diamond belly button rings make you look sophisticated and sexy. So whatever the reason for their popularity, diamond belly rings are extremely popular today and it looks like they probably always will be!

The Different Diamond Belly Button Rings Available

If you do decide that diamond belly button rings are for you then you may be surprised at the many different styles available to choose from. You can get the following diamond belly rings if you shop around:

  • Gold diamond rings
  • White gold diamond rings
  • Platinum diamond rings

Of course the prices will vary according to the material used to create the diamond belly rings. If you choose platinum then it will be more expensive than yellow gold diamond belly rings. You will need to consider this when you shop around. You can expect to pay anything up to $3,000 for a good quality 60 carat platinum diamond belly ring, though you can also pick lower carat diamond belly rings up for around $200. The higher the carat of the diamond; the better quality the ring. So it all depends upon your own personal preferences what style you do choose to go for.

White gold does tend to look a little like silver. However it does have a slightly more elegant look to it than silver. It is typically more expensive than yellow gold, but less expensive than platinum diamond jewellery. If you are looking for the cheapest diamond belly rings then opt for yellow gold low carat jewellery.

As well as the different gold styles, you also have a large number of designs to choose from too. You can purchase hearts, butterflies, simple bar rings, locket style rings, flowers, dangling belly rings, dragonfly styles and gem wrapped rings to name just a few. The style you are aiming for will determine which design you end up selecting.

Butterflies, dragonflies and heart shapes are typically better suited to teenagers. They offer a younger feel to them and they look more feminine and girly. They come in an assortment of colours and sizes so there will always be a style to suit you. If you are looking for something slightly more sophisticated then you should opt for either wrapped gem belly rings or dangling belly rings.

White gold dangling diamond belly button rings can look extremely elegant, as can yellow gold dangling rings. They look fantastic with jeans and a top that reveals your piercing. A blue Sapphire wrapped in diamonds can also look amazing. It adds a little colour to the navel whilst retaining the elegance that comes with diamond belly rings. If you want to really stand out then why not choose a diamond dragonfly design? These really catch the eye and they absolutely highlight the piercing, making it look flattering and sexy on anybody who wears it.

Generally there will always be diamond belly button rings to suit all ages. They add sophistication and they look expensive too. However, it is vital that no matter which design you choose, it is created using only the best materials. You should always choose nickel free diamond belly rings whenever possible too.

Why Choose Nickel Free Diamond Belly Button Rings?

Not many people realise that gold diamond belly rings are not created using pure gold. No gold jewellery is created using gold alone. This is because gold on its own is extremely fragile. It would be too soft to create any form of jewellery if it were to be used alone. So other materials are used to create gold jewellery.

Unfortunately the main metal used as a base for gold diamond belly rings is often Nickel. Whilst it helps to create good, strong belly rings, it does have one very large drawback – many people are actually allergic to the metal.

Everybody reacts differently to nickel allergies. Some people react straight away, whilst others can wear it for years until they come out in a reaction. It tends to mainly cause a skin rash which can be incredibly itchy.

Nickel allergy is one of the most common allergies around today and so many people have no idea that it is their jewellery causing the reaction!

That is why it is important to stick to diamond belly button rings which are complete nickel free.

Choosing Real Diamond Belly Rings

Another dilemma you may find yourself facing is that there is a lot of fake diamond belly ring jewellery out there. Whilst there is nothing wrong with fake diamond jewellery, it can be frustrating if you have paid top price for what you assume is real diamonds, only to find out that in fact it isn’t!

Typically real diamond jewellery will be more expensive than fake diamond jewellery. So you should avoid anything that seems to be too cheap. However this is not always the case and some individuals will charge you top dollar prices for fake diamonds. Of course for many people it doesn’t matter whether they are purchasing real or gold diamond belly rings, but if you are getting it as a gift then it would be a good idea to purchase real diamond belly rings. They do tend to be higher quality and they also have more of a shine to them too.

Fake diamond belly button rings are often referred to as cubic zirconia diamond belly rings. So if you see belly rings advertised with cubic zirconia in their name then you know that it basically means that they are fake. They are made to look like real diamonds, but they are fake, therefore they are usually cheaper. It is not always easy to spot fake diamonds so just be aware when you are shopping for a belly ring that you read its description thoroughly.

Diamonds and Quality

One of the main things that you look for when you choose a belly ring is the quality of it. You look for good quality because it looks better and it will last you a lot longer too. Poor quality belly rings will not shine as much and they will also break quite easily. This will mean that you have to replace them fairly frequently and so you could end up spending more on replacing them than you would have paid in the first place for a good quality belly ring that would have lasted you years.

Diamond Belly Button Jewelry

Real diamond belly button rings ooze quality. If you purchase a proper diamond belly ring and take it to a piercer to be fitted then they will tell you exactly how important it is that you have chosen such a good quality ring. You will also notice that you receive many compliments regarding the ring too. The whole reason that you have your navel pierced is to draw attention to yourself. So the fact that diamond belly rings get you noticed and bring you endless compliments is definitely an advantage! They look fantastic with practically every outfit and they look expensive too which is always a good thing!

Ideally you want to choose a colourless diamond belly ring. They tend to look the best and they do tend to look really stylish too. When a diamond is colourless it basically means that it is a higher quality diamond. The cloudier the diamond, the lower the quality. So when you spot colourless diamond belly rings it would be a good idea to choose them if you can afford them.

Something else that you may want to be aware of when you are looking for the perfect diamond belly button ring is whether it has come from a conflict free zone. Some retailers provide written statements that their diamonds are sourced from conflict free areas. You may be aware of the conflicts that surround diamonds today. If not then basically there are conflicts surrounding the way that many diamonds are traded. A lot of lives have been lost just so we can wear diamond jewellery. Don’t support the bloody diamond trade by purchasing from unreliable sources. Choose a reliable retailer and avoid anything that sounds overly cheap.

To Sum It Up

Diamond belly button rings can make fantastic gifts. They look incredibly fashionable, they look good on all ages and they come in a large variety of designs. There is no greater gift for the woman in your life than diamond jewellery. So if you are looking for the idea gift then why not purchase a diamond belly ring?

Just as long as you follow the advice within this article, you should end up with a beautiful, genuine belly ring. There are so many fake diamond belly button rings available out there and if you are looking for a gift you should avoid them as much as you can. Only real diamonds make the best gifts.

Overall diamond belly rings are not always overly expensive, though you should be prepared to pay a little extra for good quality rings. If you do take your time when choosing the right ring, it will last you for years to come and it will gain you or the woman in your life plenty of compliments!

Diamond belly rings are real value – when you give diamond jewelry to somebody, you don’t need words… Diamonds speak for themselves and show our true, deep feelings. After all, diamonds have always been considered symbols of love and eternity.

It can be a birthday present, an anniversary present, a Christmas present and even a part of an engagement proposal! Yes, you can accompany the engagement ring with a stunning diamond navel ring. I think it’s a marvellous idea!

Diamonds come set in either gold or platinum, because, of course, those are the highest quality materials and worth the person whose navel the navel ring will embellish. You wouldn’t take seriously a diamond set in steel or titanium, would you?

Some belly rings you’ll find on the Net will cost by far less than real diamond ones and say “diamond” in the description. Don’t worry – it’s not a fraud. Most likely, you’ve found CZ or “cubic zirconia” – a synthetic gemstone which looks like a natural diamond and is successfully used as its substitute.

However, when the time comes,  have a real diamond belly ring ready for the occasion.

Diamond belly rings is the choice of celebrities, of course. Sure thing, Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera will choose top quality body jewelry and diamond belly jewelry is made of the best metals – gold and platinum.

Diamond Belly Rings – The Choice of Celebrities.

Diamond belly rings are as popular as they are today mainly thanks to many female celebrities. Britney Spears, Jessica Alba and Beyonce Knowles have all been spotted out and about as well as posing for sexy photo shoots with their sparkling diamond belly rings. It seems that thanks to them, there is now nothing sexier than going out with low cut tops showing off the wide selection of diamond belly rings on offer today.

Why Diamond Belly Rings are so Popular

There seems to be something about diamond belly rings that oozes sexuality. Female celebrities such as Britney Spears and Beyonce Knowles are considered to be powerful and sexy. When they are photographed wearing diamond belly rings, the message that comes across is that diamond belly rings are what every young girl should be wearing. They are sparkly, they are colourful and they are one of the biggest fashion statements that you can make.

One of the best things about diamond belly rings is that they are quite affordable to buy. So even though it is a celebrity trend, it does not come with a celebrity price tag. Of course you can purchase more expensive, designer diamond belly rings, but it isn’t essential as you can still copy the look at just a fraction if the cost.

Overall diamond belly rings are popular today thanks to many female celebrities. There is no denying that they do give off a powerful sexy image which many women are obviously desperate to follow. So if you have seen your favourite celebrity wearing a diamond belly ring, why not copy their image today and see how different it makes you feel!

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Ooze Sexiness with Diamond Belly Rings

Creating that Sexy Look

Diamond belly rings are sexy – they sparkle and add color to your navel. The same way that diamond earrings make you feel special, a diamond belly ring has the same effect. Eyes will be drawn to your piercing when you go out, so why not make the best impression with something elegant, sexy and feminine? Diamond belly rings will do just that and they don’t cost the Earth.

Remember that when you are shopping for diamond belly rings, beware –  there are a number of fake ones available. These do not look all that different from real ones. The difference is that they tend to be a lot cheaper than real diamond belly rings, and are made from inferior materials which will cause infections. All  real diamond belly rings are guaranteed for life.

Diamond belly rings ooze sexiness and they really will help you to boost your confidence. There are styles to suit every taste and so no matter who you are, a diamond belly ring could really enhance your image!
Do you feel a little plain compared to other women around you? Do you long to look sexy and confident? If so then diamond belly rings may be just what you need.

Oozing with sexuality and femininity, diamond belly rings have increased in popularity over the last few years. With many celebrities constantly being photographed wearing colorful, sparkly diamond belly rings, it is not surprising why so many people are following in their footsteps.

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