Taking the Tummy From Flirtacious to Dangerous

Belly button piercing in underwear

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The belly button is often seen as a somewhat exciting spot on the human body, possibly because you don’t see them hanging out every time you walk into your average place of business or maybe they’re just fun to look at or play with. Whatever the case, one thing’s for sure: the stomach can be a very enticing area and finding the perfect belly ring to suit your look and/or outfit can take your stomach from cute and fun to poke to dangerously attractive and irresistible!

One great example of this is the girl pictured here. While her suggestive bedroom attire looks pretty on her and her ring, bracelet, and manicured nails make her seem well-groomed and classy, it’s her tattoo and belly piercing that really pull the look together and finally suggest that she might also have a wild-yet-elegant side to her as well.

In particular, the swooping lines and cuts in both her top and her belly ring complement and coordinate well with one another and the shorter length of the piercing, as opposed to one that dangles, provides a wide open area beneath it – an ideal match for the nearby tattoo, keeping her mid section from becoming too cluttered.
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The Mischieviously Sexy Belly Piercing

Belly button piercing in a blue tracksuit

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Whether you love to show off your midriff or prefer to maintain a secretly sexy side under wraps, a belly button piercing can add a feminine touch to any stomach ❗

For this lovely lady, a belly piercing appears to be ideal as it allows her to maintain a more mature and professional appearance when needed but also achieve a playfully beautiful bikini or lingerie body when wanted.

The particular jewelry piece she’s wearing is exceptionally ideal for her skin tone and balances the simple clothing and lack of other jewelry well because of it’s low dangle and high shine, also complementing the shine of her hair color. Since she’s able to conceal the piercing, it makes for a sweet surprise anytime she decides to reveal it. It really stands out against the shade of her skin as well, drawing attention to a wonderfully flat stomach. 😉

Belly piercings are something you want to put a little extra thought into decorating. Since, for most women, they’re not always exposed, when they are they tend to receive more attention than the average body part (other than parts on the face, of course). The other thing you want to keep in mind is that each woman’s body is a little different – from shape to size to skin tone and beyond – and what looks fantastic on one person won’t necessarily be flattering on another.

Accordingly, you should take into consideration things such as your proportions, shape, body type (athletic, thin, cuddly, or whatever it may be) when choosing your perfect piercing and decide on a style that both looks and hangs right on you.

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Dangling Dream Catcher Belly Button Ring

Dangling Dream Catcher Belly Button Ring

There’s nothing better to accentuate your sleek midriff than a beautifully designed belly button ring, don’t you agree? 😉

Just check out this photo where a girl sports a cool looking dream catcher belly button ring – doesn’t she just look gorgeous?

I guess you won’t be able to deny the allure of dangling navel jewelry, so in case you’re currently looking for high-quality affordable belly jewelry for yourself, please check out our range of dangling belly rings HERE!

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The moment the piercing story is published, we’re going to post a FREE belly ring to you, and please don’t worry – you don’t necessarily have to resemble the model from the photo above in order to get featured on this website.

Anyone will get published for as long as the piercing story is at least 300 words long and the photo is of a decent quality! 😉

Doesn’t This Dangling Belly Ring Look Great?

Cool dangling belly ring

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I guess we all have to agree that this dangling lizard belly ring looks just amazing on this tight tummy!

But hey – is it really a lizard?

If you look closer, what first seemed like a lizard, may in fact be a flower…. Or a dragonfly…

Let your imagination run loose and conjure any type of animal in your imagination, and it doesn’t really matter what YOU see in it – for as long as the belly ring looks cool.

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