Captive Belly Rings

Captive Belly RingsCaptive belly rings are fun to wear. These traditional rings come with pretty dangles that look very attractive. They let you show off your navel piercing in style! 😉

You will find a variety of captive belly rings starting at just $1.99 – thats up to 80% off RRP!! Click on the links below to check prices and see the full catologue. If you like simple yet chic, take a look at the pink cubic Zirconia star captive belly ring. Made of safe 316L surgical steel, the star cubic solitaire genuine Zirconia gem is prong set and looks gorgeous when you wear it. For choice, if you like dangles, there is the cubic Zirconia clear tiffany hoop dangle captive belly ring made of 14-gauge steel. This half inch captive ring with the cubic Zirconia looks amazing on any belly piercing.

For those who prefer romance, there are dangling hearts you can wear with your captive belly ring. These hollow hearts are set with ruby red or pink stones and look charming when you wear them. The Aqua jeweled hollow heart captive bead ring has a single gem captive bead designed with paved heart dangle. You will get a half inch captive ring with a 14 mm opening and the dangle when you order it.

If you happen to be of spiritual nature, take a look at the violet gem cross dangle ball closure ring. This beautiful cross pendant has twinkling violet colored gems. The captive belly ring that is of 11 mm diameter and made of 316 L 14 gauge surgical grade stainless steel has the cross dangling from a 5 mm ball.

With captive belly rings, it is not all simplicity, romance and spirituality. You can decide to be adventurous with the crystalline gem skull dangle captive ball closure ring. This is a 16 gauge surgical steel captive bead ring plated with Rhodium and has a clear gem paved skull dangle. Another variation of the skull dangle is the aqua gem top hat skull captive ring with a 11 mm ring and crystal eyes set into the skull that shimmers when you move.

As you can see, you can enjoy a large choice of captive belly rings and add the ones you like to your collection so that you can wear a different one for every occasion. Go choose your favorites today!

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  1. Ciarra! If you haven’t gone to your piercer, you need to get a pair of scissors and put them inside the ring, opening them CAREFULLY AND SLOWLY until the bead falls out. Otherwise, go to your piercer and tell them you would like to change it, and they will do it for rather cheap or free.

    But pleaaase be careful, you can rip your skin trying to remove CBRs. Otherwise, if you wanna wear more of the captive bead type ones, you can google ‘Captive bead opening pliers’ and they do the same thing. It’s just easier to use a pair of scissors since most people have them…

  2. I got a captive ring as a starter for my belly button ring, but i dont know how to get it off, i tried unscrewing it and i’ve tried pulling both sides apart but it doesnt come apart i dont know what to do

  3. A long time ago I had a sterling silver captive bead with a moon and star dangle on it and I lost it. Ever since, I have been looking for another,but cannot seem to find one anywhere. Where could I find a new one?

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