Can We Say Ouch!!!!

By Miya Watson, Jacksonville, Arkansas

Belly button piercing

I just got my belly button pierced a day ago. I had been wanting to get my belly button pierced for about 6 Months. When I first ask my mom if i could get it done she like freak out!!!! But i kept talking to her about it and came up with some good reason of why i should get it and plus my twin sister had already head her nose pierced.So she eventually gave in :-).

I really didnt care were i got it done at i just wanted it to be a safe place and i wanted to do it the right way (by having my mom sign and give me permission to get it done). When i walk in with my sister and my mom we sign the papers and went right in… a lady was there in the room and she just mark me and told me to lay down in the chair.

I WAS SO NERVOUS AND AT THIS POINT I KNEW THERE WAS NO TURNING BACK :-(. So i watched her do it and holded my sister hand but it went by so fast that the only thing i had time say was “OUCH” LOL. IT IS SO CUTE NOW IM HAPPY I GOT IT. 😀

It really didnt hurt it feels like getting pinch real hard for like 3 seconds its kinda sore in the lady told me to use saline contact solution n thats it and she told me not to touch it that much and pretty much just let it heal. Idk how long its gone take to heal but so far so good and im glad that i got it :-).


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