By Myself

By Shawna, Ohio

Last week, I decided that I really wanted to pierce something. I’m one of those Christian girls with the over protective parents that think getting your first holes in your ears makes you look like a slut. i asked to get my second holes done, and my parents said no, not until I’m 18.

I didn’t want to wait 3 years to have someone do it properly, so i decided to do it myself. well, i really wanted to do my second holes, but that wasn’t an option because I knew that they would see it. so i decided to pierce my belly button.

i did an inverted (on the bottom) the first time i did it, i got half way through and blacked out. the second time, i numbed it with ice and it worked! the next day at school, I realized the skin was to thin, and it looked like it was going to rip out. so I took it out and let it heal for a few days.

last night, I decided to redo it, and it turned out GREAT! 🙂 I have just a regular earring in right now, since I can’t really get an actual belly ring, but my birthday is coming up soon and my friend is going to get me one. but I really don’t recommend doing it yourself.

I only did it because I am EXTREMELY OCD and I knew that everything would be over-sterilized with a low risk of infections that I could get by doing this myself. I also did a lot of research to make sure I was doing it right, etc.

Anyway, i love my new piercing! 🙂

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