Buy piercings online – you’ll get a good price, discounts and huge assortment

I found a perfect belly button ring on the Net for my wife!

Why buy piercings online? Yes, it might seem easier to go to any body piercing studio and buy the stuff you need. Besides – there are accessory shops stocking belly rings and why bother searching the Net for such little things?

OK, I’ll tell you why!

The Internet merchants sell body jewelry online much, much cheaper. As a rule of thumb, you’ll buy piercings for a better price on the Net than in an offline store.

You won’t find so many belly ring styles in one place in a piercing studio or shop or another retail outlet. On the Net you can go through thousands of piercings till you find the ones you like.

There are belly rings you’ll find only on the Internet. My wife has been searching for gold belly rings in offline jewelry stores – …nothing. They don’t sell such stuff. Maybe they haven’t yet come to the revelation belly piercing is as common as ear piercing and belly button rings have become an ordinary adornment.

If you buy piercing on the street, you can’t be sure of the quality. Of course, online fraud is much bigger on some occasions. However, in this guide we’re looking only at reputable online stores and they just can’t afford cheat their customers.

But wait…I’m mentioning only the pros of buying belly piercings online! Are there any cons, too?

Yes, but few:-)

  • You can’t see the belly ring and can’t touch it either. In a picture piercings usually look bigger and more colorful than when you take them in your hand. And online body jewelry sellers usually don’t accept returns – due to hygiene issues.
  • You have to wait till the belly rings arrive – you can’t have them straight away. However – I don’t think this is something you couldn’t bear – is it?:-)

I’ll tell you now how I decided to buy piercings online.

My wife’s birthday was coming and she’d pierced her navel a few months ago. An idea occurred to me – we could give her a nice belly button ring made of gold – my wife adores gold jewelry:-)

I searched the Net and finally got a list of good merchants and started to drill through their stuff to find a nice gold belly button ring. I decided to go for an appealing gold belly ring at – this store: looked well structured and had a wide assortment, had Google page rank 5 and Alexa ranking 60,465 which meant that it was a serious online store with many pages linking to it and many visitors coming in. There were a few navel rings that caught my eye. I asked my daughters which belly ring we should go for and they pointed at this one! My daughter Nikola is showing you the gold belly button ring we just received after a few days of waiting. Mum’s about to be home in a minute – we must hurry to prepare a nice gift! I’ll tell you a bit more about my shopping with Their customer service is good and quickly dealt with a small nuisance that arose during the shopping. They have an automated customer query system and the response was immediate. Shipping was also fast and I felt sincere joy receiving the belly ring and seeing it was the same as in the picture on the Net! I warmly recommend as a body jewelry merchant where to buy piercings not only for your belly but the whole body! Shop gorgeous belly button rings at Body Candy and GET 10% OFF on All Body Jewelry No Minimum Purchase Required. Enter Coupon Code CJ10 at Check-Out.

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